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In this current climate we need to do everything we can to stay healthy, whilst also minimising our exposure to those more vulnerable than us, including elderly people and those with compromised immunity.  As a community we can have a huge impact in slowing the spread of COVID 19 by staying healthy and minimizing our contact with vexors.

By now, you may be preparing for lock down or perhaps you’ve already begun working from home. If you, like many people, are reluctant to leave your home to go to the supermarket, but equally hesitant to order food online, we want to reassure you that we’re doing everything in our power to ensure pristine cleanliness practices.

What we’re doing to keep it cleaner:

  • We’re ensuring maximum hygiene practices
  • Streamlining staff at work hours including casuals to minimise people onsite
  • Thoroughly washing all produce
  • Individually portioning food as much as possible
  • Using fresh, local produce
  • Launching a Health at Home campaign

As part of our Health at Home Campaign we’re offering 10% off all catering and sustainable lunchboxes. We deliver our extra clean food (in both senses of the word) to your home or workplace to save you from going out, and ensuring you get a serious nutrient hit to keep your immunity firing.

5 ways to stay healthy at home.

1. Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is essential for keeping immunity up. This is critical to give your body the best possible chance to fight off viruses.  Aim for 8-10 glasses of water per day and perhaps a few herbal teas.

Drinking water, stay hydrated, prevent covid19, health at home

2. Eat nutrient rich foods.

Choose nutrient rich, pre and pro-biotic foods to support your gut health. This includes lots of fresh fruit and veg, yoghurt, kimchi and kefir, as well as anti inflammatory foods such as turmeric root and ginger. If you’re stocking up in preparation for a lock down, make soups and stews in bulk to freeze. Ordering lunchboxes from us is also a great way to ensure you’re getting a good nutrient hit without leaving your house.

3. Wash your hands thoroughly and regularly.

Wash your hands with soap regularly, especially if you’ve been out and about. It is equally important to ensure you dry your hands thoroughly. Carrying a hand sanitiser with you is a good idea, too. Note: It takes 7 minutes for hand san to take effect. 

Washing your hands, healthy at home, prevent COVID 19

4. Set up your at-home gym.

If we do go into lock down, it could be worth thinking about what your at-home exercise regime might look like. Lay out your yoga mat and look up some home workouts on YouTube. Exercise is important for mental health and keeping stress levels at bay in this unsettling period.

At home gym, health at home, prevent covid 19

5. Look after your mental health through yoga, mindfulness, reading… whatever works for you

Take time out to look after your mental wellbeing. Anxiety levels are sky rocketing throughout the world  and we need to do what we can to stay cool, calm and collected. It’s important to remember that whilst it feels like a very isolating time, we’re all in this together. Reach out to loved ones over the phone and offer support to those suffering as much as you can.

reading, mindfulness, stay calm, prevent covid19, health at home

We hope everyone is staying healthy and well.