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There is nothing better than soaking in that warm spring Sydney sun, indulging in a big brekkie with mates after conquering Australia’s biggest fun-run, the City 2 Surf!


Winter is upon us and despite the cold its time to shape that summer body and the best way to do that is set a SMART fitness goal and put in place a strategy to ensuring it happens.


Goal – City 2 Surf in …. Minutes

Strategy – Join Transform Run, our 8-week run club.


Now, I understand that a lot of people ‘hate’ running. Just as I ‘hate’ Math, its something I don’t practice and thus am not very good at. However, if one knew that they could join a group twice a week and that in less than 2 months be part of Sydney’s day of days, feeling great about themselves, marveling in their improved body and with more friends who support their healthy living, maybe they would not ‘hate’ it so much.


Going for a run can be exhilarating: with the wind in your hair and the world at your feet, eventually it becomes a meditative state of Zen. It’s a good way to improve cardiovascular fitness, build strong bones, strengthen muscles, burn kilojoules and maintain a healthy weight. Whilst improving your mental state, reduce drinking through the winter, and make friends. What a list!


Transform Health has launched a running club, Transform Run*. It’s held on Wednesday evenings in the city (630pm Hyde Park) and Saturday mornings in Bondi (630am Bondi Pavillion), followed by a breakfast from Transform Kitchen, where you can socialise with your running pals over a healthy meal or head for a swim at the beach afterwards.


So why not take up running and give Transform Run a go. Keep up regular exercise in winter, impress your friends and colleagues at the City2Surf and feel amazing about yourself come summer.


* You can sign up to transform Run here