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We all need to eat more vegetables, and we probably already know this. But amidst our busy schedules it’s easy to skip. We might come home from a long day at work, put some lasagne in the oven and call it a meal. But more often than not we are missing out on a daily health punch simply due to not knowing delicious ways to prepare veggies. Vegetables don’t have to be bland and the secret is knowing combinations of ingredients that work well. Too many Australians get less than their recommended five serves of fruit and vegetables a day. At Transform Kitchen, we aim to rectify this through good food and education. With a little knowledge, we may find ourselves craving a serve of buttered roast vegetables or a spicy broccoli and bean side.

Food should be something we enjoy, take pleasure in and share with those we love. Too often it can be a hasty affair or just repetitive, and this is something we want to avoid. When we take pleasure in the healthy food we eat, it makes us feel on top of life, and more in control. This has a carry on effect to other aspects of our lives, and can see us in a better mood, more motivated to exercise, or just feeling more energetic and active at work. Our friends and family feel this energy in us too, and it uplifts those around us. There really is more to food than just satisfying hunger, the meals we eat have the power to transform our lives.

One thing Transform Kitchen aims to do is to inspire new habits of health. This includes perceiving vegetables as potential. Vegetables when prepared in a thought out manner with consideration to taste and combination really do become quite delicious. At Transform Kitchen, with every meal there will be a green side or salad element that you won’t even recognise as being your standard zucchini or broccoli and this is why we’ve called them ‘Vibrant Vegetables’. The trick to this is combinations that taste delicious. Drizzle some lemon juice and spices over cooked greens or pair with a good sauce and a slow cooked marinated meat and you have yourself a winning combination.

Often this can take time or knowledge, and this is something we can help with. From our educational seminars and consults to our weekly lunchtime food delivery service or catering menus, you can be sure that you’ll get your punch of vegetables when you order Transform.