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Have you ever been so hungry that you couldn’t think straight?  That’s because food provides the fuel we need to perform. And if we are underperforming at work, especially after lunch, then the problem lies in what we are feeding our bodies at lunchtime. At Transform Health, we share three ways poor nutrition may be hampering your productivity.

  1. Fatigue

Let’s face it. When we are busy, it’s a lot easier to grab a burger and fries or some other unhealthy option for lunch. But fast food can really slow us down because of the high fat content. This explains why we feel so groggy afterward.

  1. Decreased Mental Effectiveness

Our energy levels are not the only thing affected by poor nutrition. Eating well also nourishes our brain. There is a lot of published research that highlights the more fruits and vegetables people consumed on a daily basis the more creative and engaged they tended to be – critical for performance in the workplace.

  1. Higher Levels of Stress and Depression

When we are constantly making poor food choices for lunch, over time we will begin to see the effects on our waistline. No one wants to feel fat. So we start feeling guilty, hopeless and helpless. If we are constantly worried about the howe look, it will be hard for us to perform to our fullest potential.

Boost Your Nutritional Intake with Transform Kitchen

When we examine the correlation between food and performance, we cannot continue to ignore what we are having for lunch, especially if you we want to be successful at work. You may think that a quick fix to the post lunch slump is having an energy drink or a cup of coffee but there are better options that will deliver long lasting results- like the lunchbox delivery service offered by Transform Kitchen.

At Transform Kitchen, we provide freshly prepared meals that are delivered straight to your desk each day. The meals are planned by our dietician, deliciously prepared in artisan style by our chef Elliot, and contain balanced food from all the food groups. The result is increased mental alertness and energy for the rest of the day.  Join the scores of Sydney CBD workers who are transforming their post-lunch experience by incorporating Transform Lunchboxes in their daily routine.

You are going to enjoy the benefits. Order online today at –