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Do you find yourself looking around for a quick pick me up when 3pm rolls around? Are you a self-confessed afternoon sugar addict? Or perhaps you have an unconscious sugary habit ingrained into your daily routine?

How many times have you gotten back to your desk with a coffee and muffin in hand, or reached into your desk drawer at 3pm for the chocolate bar without blinking an eye. These are classic afternoon sugar craving habits, a decision made week’s maybe months ago that has settled nicely into your daily routine.

At Transform Health we understand the need for a little afternoon pick me up but of the healthy kind, so we have put together some top tips to help you break away from your afternoon sugar hit.

Our Top Tips:

  1. Plan out your week.Its when you’re unprepared, rushed off your feet and falling behind with deadlines that you tend to reach for the closest usually calorie ridden treat possible.

    Take a moment at the start of each week to set out a plan, anticipating those times when you’ll be strapped to your desk for hours on end or when you have a work social event. This way you are able prepare yourself and have wholesome food on hand to help you get through those tempting moments.

  2. Don’t be afraid of carbohydrates.Cutting carbs is a common dietary fast fix when trying to lose weight. Lets admit it, who has tried it before? How long did you last before you gave in?

    A carb-less life is a horrible thought, that not only will result in yo-yoing dietary habits and weight gain, but also increases your chances of unhealthy snacking for that quick afternoon pick me up.

    The great news is, you can eat your carbs and lose weight too. Incorporating unprocessed – wholegrain carbohydrates such as brown rice, quinoa, nuts and seeds or legumes into your usual lunch time mix will help to provide a sustained release of energy over a few hours. Ideal for keeping you switched on and energized at work! The fibre present in wholegrain carbohydrates gives the added bonus of helping to make you feel fuller for longer, perfect for assisting in weight loss.

  3. Don’t skip the snacksSnacking is an art that takes time to master. Luckily at Transform we have done all the hard work for you.

    Healthy wholesome mid meal snacks are the perfect way to beat the afternoon sugar cravings. They help to tide you over to your next meal, keeping your blood glucose (sugar) levels stable, as well as curbing your feelings of hunger.

    When developing your repertoire of snacks it is important to keep in mind the quality and the quantity, incorporating wholesome unprocessed foods, did someone say vegetables? Some great snack ideas are: a piece of fruit, small tub of natural yoghurt, handful of nuts and seeds, wholegrain crackers with avocado and tomato or vegetable sticks with hummus.

    If these don’t quite cut the mustard and you are still craving that sweet hit, try making your own healthy muffins or bars at home, that way you still get to have a treat but you get to control what goes in them!

    Experiment and find out what works best for you, and then set yourself up a work with a pantry full of goodies.

  4. Don’t punish yourself.When it comes down to it we are all human, and it is normal to have a weak moment every now and again.

    It is all about moderation, and finding the right balance for you. It is when we punish ourselves, skip the next meal or really beat ourselves up that end up yo-yo dieting and enter the terrible weight fluctuation game.

    If you find yourself punishing yourself or having negative harsh thoughts after eating a little treat, it is time to take a step back and reevaluate your relationship with food.

So next time 3pm rolls around and you are feeling the sugary tingle from within, make yourself a cup of tea pull out your healthy snack and stay on board the health bandwagon!