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Let’s face it, it can sometimes be challenging to stay motivated during the cooler winter months, the days are shorter, the mornings and evenings a little chillier and that can make hibernating inside a much more attractive option than hitting the running track or the gym.
BUT it’s not winter forever and putting exercise to the wayside and enjoying possibly a few more extra calories than normal can be a massive blow to your fitness, strength and waistline.
Read our tips below on how to stay fit, healthy and motivated (getting back your fitness mojo) during winter in preparation for those warm sunny months just down the track.

  • Mix it up – if your summer workouts don’t quite cut it through the winter, shake up what you’re doing rather than stop doing it all together. Too cold and dark for a run? Jump into an indoor yoga class. Morning ocean swim a bit unappealing? Find a local indoor pool. Tired of training alone? Find a friend! Remember too cold and too dark is not a good enough excuse! Keeping your workout routine consistent through the winter will ensure that you are not madly scrambling about come spring trying to get back on top of your health!
  • Make it fun! Boredom can very easily impact your exercise routine. If your exercise routine is becoming mundane change it! Try something new, train at a different time of day or join a sport team. Changing up your training challenges the body and the body loves to be challenged!
  • Get a trainer – being accountable is half the battle with exercise. Some of us are lucky to love it, some of us don’t. Problem is regardless of whether it is a love or hate relationship, you have to do it! Finding a trainer to motivate you and keep you on track is a great way to maintain your fitness and keep you in shape.
  • Add some beats – while listening to music while training isn’t a ground-breaking idea it can be good for motivation and performance. Change up your playlists or listen to an audio book or podcast.
  • Set realistic goals. Weight loss for example is a common goal, however when you have a lot of weight to lose it can seem like a mammoth task. Breaking it down into realistic manageable smaller goals such as losing half a kilo per is a much better and less scary approach.

Remember long-term health, fitness and weight management are only supporting by long-term sustainable health changes.