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What is a Transform Lunchtime? You’ve probably heard the term around our website and wondered what it is, why we have it and what all the buzz is about. 

Transform Lunchtime a weekly health food delivery service that provide you with the sustenance you need to kickstart you Monday to Friday week and get through it feeling energised. The aim is to deliver offices with lunch meals that taste great and are nutritionally balanced. Our team of trainers, cooks and dieticians collaboratively design weekly menus that improve energy and can help achieve optimal workplace performance. And they’re tailored to all types of eaters and the nutritional needs of a workplace. 

But why the buzz?

It’s about performance. Our menus are designed to nourish performance through the working week, and help you achieve long-term company aspirations. However to get the most benefits out of the running menus program the trick is to implement it over the longer term. It’s important to eat healthy but the key to progress with the running menus as a tool for workplace vitality is consistency.

what you eat determines your level of health, vitality and energy, and running menus are a way to get the health you need consistently, every day

When lunches are ordered for all staff over a series of months, the lunch break becomes a time when people stay in and socialise or have structured outdoors social time, perhaps a yoga class or meditation activity can be offered, improving workplace culture and team dynamics, lowering stress levels and improving productivity and alertness. It’s a way to eliminate the post-lunch slump and cultivate stronger workplace relationships, bringing teams together through a focus on health. Over time, this can help companies reach their aspirational work place goals, whether that is improved productivity or a reputation as a company with solid and desirable company culture and work-life balance.

Furthermore, the running menus work as a programme of health. Meals are planned in advance by our dietician, chef and trainer to target the main food groups required on a weekly basis. This means that while individual meals might be tasty and nutritious in and of themselves, a running programme of lunch menus actually provide you with the nutrients your body needs every week. While the recipes change from week to week, offering variety and balance, the core nutrients are consistently provided. Lunch is a lot more than just feeling full. It is feeling full while providing your body with the sustenance it needs to perform at its best. Think of us as your company’s personal dietician and cook.

Ordered individually, or on an ad-hoc day to day basis, this is simply not possible: people have different lunch routines and the lunch break is a hasty affair where time is wasted walking to find healthy food and waiting in line. With running menus, everyone gets that in-control reward feeling of having prepared a healthy lunch without the hassle of remembering to take time out of their week nights to do so. In a sense it becomes an equaliser, uniting those with busy work-life commitments and those who value health, opening time for conversations and structured social activities.

So why choose a running menu? Well what you eat determines your level of health, vitality and energy, and running menus are a way to get the health you need consistently, every day.