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It’s about now that 80% of us forget about the hopes and dreams that we put into motion with our new year’s resolutions. We wanted to take a second to remind you how amazing life in Sydney can be with a considered and proactive routine.
Your Week Of Excellence – a perfect week in the life of you – is typically built around friends, family, exercise, nutritious food and of course, high achieving but tedious work. Below we have our recommendations on a perfect day in food and fitness. So let’s jog that memory, pull-up that motivation and lunge our way to your perfect day!

Morning Training

The perfect morning workout should be social and outdoors. Greeting the day with friends, watching the sunrise and getting a party pump on before work is the perfect combination of endorphins, a spike in metabolism and a mental guard against the trials of big city living!

Our Food Recommendations


Often overlooked for coffee and a quick snack, not eating enough at the start of the day, leads to overeating at the end of the day. Our perfect brekkie is our house smoked salmon, brekkie bowl with a Simon Says Green Smoothie. A piccolo latté to finish really tops it off.

Morning Tea

Morning tea helps reduce the portion size of your main meals, speeding up your metabolism and increasing energy. Our perfect morning tea is a yoghurt, berry and gluten-free granola parfait. 
The enzymes in the yoghurt help the tummy, the portioned amount of nuts and seeds in the granola give plenty of trace elements and energy whilst the acidity from the fruit cuts through the fat in the nuts and yoghurt and rides alongside the most nutrient dense fruit.


What to do for lunch? Match it to your training. If its a light day hit a salad such as our Macro Bowl. Alternatively, if you’re pushing the tempo look for more protein, grains, pulses and legumes, like our Grass-fed meatball with quinoa tabbouleh, white bean puree, pesto and tomato sugo. 

Afternoon Tea

You can’t go past a bliss ball or two to keep the appetite at bay and the energy up. Remembering how important eating consistently is – a small snack that’s full of protein, healthy fats and nutrients will prevent you getting home and gorging on those pre-dinner cheese combos that you’ve been perfecting since uni.
My favourite is the lemon myrtle cocoa bliss ball, delicately paired with an espresso from that cute barista 😉


Eat light so you can wake up right! It’s best to match the intensity of your day to the style of dinner you’re having. Don’t be afraid of a little carb – just make them quality ones and be aware of your portions.

Our recommendation is some oily fish with a chopped Mediterranean style grilled salad – think barbecued sardines with charred sweet potato, zucchini, feta, peas, cornichons and a dijon dressing.

Afternoon Training

The perfect evening workout could involve Sydney’s most beautiful health club. Director and co-founder Jordan (you may recognise him as the founder of Transform Health) has designed the perfect program inclusive of speciality classes in mobility, stability, strength and conditioning as well as hybrid classes that balance each pillar of training in one 60 minute session. Check out PRC’s website for more info.