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It’s easy to skip breakfast. The morning alarm rings, and that all familiar panic sets in as you realise in your sleep deprived state that you’re coming very close to missing your bus, or missing your breakfast. Off it is with the early morning get go. Everything is happening twice as fast and you’re out the door with record time.

However, depriving your body of its wake-up fuel doesn’t have to be the trade off for an impressive morning feat. You can have your extra sleep, your breakfast, and get to work on time as well. The trick is in preparation.

Plan it out and not only will it be more likely to happen, you’ll also have something to look forward to. Prior effort is your friend. Nifty ways include preparing breakfast the night before or outsourcing that task to those who know their craft. If you do find yourself with extra time the evening prior or on a Sunday night, grab a bowl or jar and fill it with chia seeds or oatmeal and add milk, honey and a few slices of fruit. Nuts are also a great addition. Transform Kitchen’s brekky bowls include a topping of middle east inspired Dukkah mix with almond goodness to take you through the day. You can make these with your family too, it’s a fun bonding activity and children love decorating things with fruit.

But why all the fuss, when your lunch break is around the corner? Well it’s recommended to eat a morning meal within an hour and a half of waking up. A good breakfast can give you the fuel you need to perform your best and give your work day that extra oomph that may get you that promotion or that bonus. It might be the extra bit of energy or morning shine you need to speak up at that meeting, or just be at your creative optimum. Furthermore, starting the day with energy and continuing it through with a filling lunch can keep away your desire to reach for calorie filled snacks, and giving you the productive energy to get everything you need done accomplished by 5pm, finding you back with your family or friends, enjoying social time without the desire to collapse into bed. A good breakfast is not to be underestimated.

Food can transform lives. We really are what we eat and our moods and energy levels are largely regulated by good food eaten at regular intervals.

So next time you’re about to brush your teeth before bed, spare a minute and make a brekky bowl, or have us deliver some to your door.