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You may be well and truly back into work and your general busy routine now that the festive holidays are long behind us. With all those celebrations you may have picked up a few bad eating habits, and with it a few kilos too. Now is the best time to get rid of habits that may be sneaking into your weekly routine, and instead take on new habits that will see you looking, feeling and performing better at work, and in life.

Here’s a list of the do’s and don’ts that will see you performing your best all week and get back on top of your health and fitness:

Socialising with work mates

Don’t – do drinks after work at the expense of your training schedule. This will fill up your body with unwanted calories and make you too tipsy and tired to commit to your workouts.

Do – encourage your colleagues to workout with you instead. This makes fitness social and fun, and you can always head out for a healthy dinner after your workout!

Food choices

Don’t –make food choices that will drain you, leave you unsatisfied, tired, and give you unnecessary calories that you will have to burn off with extra workouts.We’re talking about take-away lunches and afternoon snacking – usually whatever is getting shared around the office at around 3pm.

Do–choose to eat healthy, nutritious foods with the vitamins and minerals that will help you feel satisfied and energised. Some great options are vegetable salads with some protein and good carbs, but keep it a lighter meal so it doesn’t put you to sleep.

Eating routine

Don’t – drink too much caffeine. Caffeine exhausts the adrenal glands. It also causes you to crave food that’s high in fat and sugar. If you are using caffeine to curb cravings and skip meals, then you’re also more likely to eat a lot more when you get home in the evening.

Do– eat regularly. Make sure you eat breakfast – oats, a nutritious smoothie or a delicious brekkie bowl. Morning tea can be a piece of fruit to see you through to lunch. Plan for another healthy snack after lunch such as a boiled egg or vegetable sticks and hummus to see you through until dinner time. Ensure you drink enough fluids to stay hydrated remember to take short breaks in order to relive building up emotional stress that might affect you.


Don’t– miss your weekday workout sessions. Consistency is the key in ensuring your expected results are achieved in the long run. Don’t allow other activities that may compete for your time prevent you from those scheduled workouts.

Do– layout a proper exercise plan for the week, at the start of your week, such that after some time, you will have a well-established fitness program in place that won’t be so easily affected by other people.                                                                                                                                   

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