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If you thought that working with a Personal Trainer was only for professional athletes, the wealthy and well known, think again. Anyone who wants to perform better physically and mentally needs to have personalized strategies and expert help to optimize their lifestyle for output.

A Transform Personal Trainer will help you maximize the benefits gained from training by developing a tailored program to match you core, strength, fitness and mobility levels. Following, we hold you accountable to your lifestyle choices coming in the form of food, alcohol, hydration, sleep, and stress levels.

With this in mind, your Personal Trainer will teach you that it is not about how many push ups you can do, or fast you can run but that your schedule needs to be something you look forward to. That health is every day choices that have a long term effect.

A common problem is that people become fixated with certain fads for short periods. Realistic scheduling, periodical programming and the right nutrition and rest routine is paramount in ensuring that your five-year you is better than the current one.

The relationship with your trainer is one that is personal. They say you are a product of your closest five relationships. A formal education, a wealth of knowledge from experience in the field (previous client results), combined with tailor made systems mean that this relationship should have measurable results. Having a trainer is a step towards making your relationships positive influences.

At Transform Health, we fully understand that personal training is all about you and obtaining a balance in your chosen lifestyle. Our team of trainers are highly qualified, approachable and empathetic with our clients and their specific health and fitness goals.

We’re offering complimentary Initial Consultations over the next month to new clients. Call Jordan today to book in your consultation – and keep you accountable across summer.