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January is traditionally a time for setting new year resolutions and making positive lifestyle changes, whether in our careers, diet or fitness regime. While these resolutions are made with the best intentions, many won’t last beyond January, 31st.

When it comes to exercise and fitness, resolutions break down for a number of reasons. In the beginning, many of us put our heart and soul into a new activity or regime, only to give up as soon as we feel it no longer suits us or fits into our daily routine.

Here at Transform Health, we have found that the best long term fitness success comes from a collaboration of good advice, a solid relationship, and a strategic structure, catered to the individual and their needs.

For this reason, we have launched an intensive personal training and nutrition program – the Start Me Up program, that brings together all those key factors and could help nurture the most effective, long-term success.

The Start Me Up Program

Through the right education and direction, the Start Me Up program will shape your health, fitness, and body goals and measure out the necessary steps that will take you there.

The Start Me Up program lasts four weeks – just the right amount of time to organise your routine and embed positive habits that can ultimately have lifelong effects. A customised nutrition and lifestyle plan is created by our team of experts, and we work with you to set 4-week, 8-week, year-long and 5-year goals.

A full health and fitness assessment ensures your program is tailored to suit your individual needs, and our training programs work towards your goals – whether they be fitness, health, mobility, weight loss, toning, or strength. This takes place as an initial consultation, where we can discuss your goals and identify your starting point.

During this consultation, you’ll also receive a start-up kit, welcoming you to the Transform Health community, including our muscle tank, food diary, and exclusive offers.

At both the start and end of the program, we’ll put you through a fitness assessment to highlight your progress, and further empower inspiration to continue the good work! Those who have focussed on weight loss can expect to lose 3-4kg on the program.

The program includes personal training sessions, either twice weekly, or three times weekly across 4 weeks. In addition, a Week of Excellence plan will bring together food and exercise program for each week, and our Sydney-based personal trainers will stay in touch with you throughout to ensure you stay on track!

We are also offering discounts on some of our related services including dietetics consultations, where our experts will undergo a nutritional assessment, educate you on food choices, and formulate a food/meal plan. As well as an introductory offer for our Transform Kitchen lunchboxes, proving a great way to establish better portion control and further accelerate results. Our personal trainers and nutritionists have helped numerous clients kick start healthier habits.

So, instead of heading to the gym without a vision, goals or any idea of where you’re starting or where you’re heading, enroll for the Start Me Up program to make a start that matters.

As the gyms gradually empty, and many people lose sight of their new year resolutions, you’ll find yourself focused, fitter, healthier and more motivated than ever before…

To undergo a complimentary nutrition, fitness or lifestyle assessment, why not book online today? You can find out more about the Start Me Up program or sign up via the website