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Cooking and dining with the people you care about bring with it so many benefits. If you missed our last blog post Food and its Power in Bringing People Together, you can read about those benefits there. Here we share some helpful cooking tips to make the meals you choose to cook even more eventful and delightful, whilst still be healthy for you!

Plan what you will cook

Plan your meals out beforehand. This is the best way to keep in line with eating healthier, ensure you maintain enough variety in what you’re cooking,and so that you can be sure to cook what you know your friends and family will really enjoy eating.

Cook something new

Seek out recipes that excite you about eating with new healthful ingredients. Trying something new together with your friends can only enhance the experience of togetherness. Subscribe to your favourite cooking and recipe blogs and keep an eye out for new recipes.

Use seasonal ingredients

Celebrate healthful, real, whole and delicious everyday food by choosing ingredients that are seasonal, locally-sourced and sustainable. Local famer’s market are an ideal place to shop for the freshest ingredients, and possibly discover something new you may have not tried cooking with before.

Choose lighter, nutritious recipes

Go for lighter recipes that have higher nutrient density instead of calorie-heavy meals. Not only are these recipes often easier to cook, and quicker, you’ll feel better eating them and they’ll help you learn to cook and eat healthier meals.

Add colour and texture

Don’t be afraid to be creative with colour and texture! Choose recipes that call for colourful ingredients with a variety of textures. Healthy meals will feel more robust and satisfying, they will present better and impress your guests!

These tips are always a great place to start when you decide you want to start cooking more for yourself, and your friends and family. Look for our other blog posts on some great recipes you can use to start experimenting in your kitchen.