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“Don’t focus on how you look, focus on creating a healthy lifestyle and the rest will follow.”

This is what Sydney Personal Trainer Jordan Ponder, Founder of Transform Health teaches his clients. First develop and live a healthy lifestyle through fitness, food and nutrition in order to feel strong, energised, fit and self confident and the transformation you desire will follow.

“Transform Health uses a proven complete fitness system – fitness, food and dietetics, that has been founded on industry research. Our personal trainers are certified professionals who work hard with their clients to create confident, athletic bodies. We train executives, professionals, business owners, busy mums and international models. We offer one on one personal training, private group personal training, corporate fitness and wellness and nutritional planning.”

Here’s how you can live out a healthier lifestyle that will bring you the physical change you may be striving for:

Your workouts

Creating a healthy lifestyle begins with commitment and scheduling. Plan on one hour per day which totals 4% of your week. Your training will help you build strength, burn calories, and get you fit and feeling great.

Managing your weekly routine

Lay out and map your weekly schedule and incorporate your workouts and your eating routine into that schedule. Your scheduled training should be consistent, include variety in order to avoid repetition and boredom, and include social aspects as well. Transform Health creates a ‘Week of Excellence’ for all their clients and ensures they complete their weekly program for faster fitness results.

Managing your lifestyle

Four percent of your week is training and exercise, but what about that other 96 percent? That other 96% can make or break your ability to achieve your fitness goals. With the right approach, your weekly lifestyle can enhance and support your training and transformation:

  • Work – Keep it healthy. Limit or manage the stress. Avoid sitting for extended periods, take frequent breaks to get up and move. Stay active during your lunch break and avoid the vending machines and junk.
  • Drink water – Stay hydrated, replace the unhealthy drinks with water and drink water with your meals and snacks to help reduce your calorie intake.
  • Watch the calories – Be careful with cheat meals, snacks and empty calories. Exercise is great, but you can’t out-train a bad diet. Stick to the plan.
  • Rest and recovery – Get plenty of uninterrupted and restful sleep. Schedule it if you need to. Your body repairs itself during sleep and rest days. This rest and recovery are critical for optimal performance.
  • Balance – Life is about balance and priorities. Make fitness and health a priority in your life. Make a commitment and follow through consistent habits.
  • Create healthy habits – Create healthy, consistent habits and you will begin living a healthy lifestyle automatically, without negative thoughts and no willpower required.
  • Meal planning – Advanced meal planning will help you stick to your healthy eating program in the grocery store aisle and in the kitchen.
  • Be consistent – Develop and follow a healthy routine and be consistent throughout your week. If you experience setbacks or failures, make a note and improve the following week.

Healthy looks different on everyone. Remember that you don’t need to look a certain way, you want to feel strong, energised, fit and confident. The rest will follow.

Transform Health is a team of expert personal trainers and dietitians committed to optimising your lifestyle to reflect desired performance through Personal Training, Private Group Training and Corporate Wellness. Available locations include the Darlinghurst, Potts Point, Paddington, Rushcutters Bay, and Sydney CBD areas.

To learn more, or to schedule a limited time health, nutrition and fitness consultation visit us online at Transform Health or contact Jordan Ponder at 0409 713 959 or by email