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If you want to maximise your team’s efficiency, consider health. Workplace health can be easy to overlook with imminent deadlines around the corner, however a focus on the wellbeing of your employees can be an excellent way to increase motivation and performance. Here are some tips for optimising the health of your team:

Make health social. Utilise workplace wellbeing as a tool to build relationships among employees. Social time is a necessary aspect of giving your corporate culture that extra oomph. Fostering relationships has been known to increase quality of life and is a way to decrease stress and strengthen communication among your team. Transform Kitchen offers catered workplace lunches that free up time during the lunch break for employees to socialise and foster relationships, rather than search for healthy food waiting in lines or resorting to junk food. 

With extra time made available teams have a little more of an opportunity every day to build relationships, share a laugh and relax during their breaks. This replenishing of energy stores during the lunch break can eliminate the afternoon slump and ensure the second half of the working day to be as effective as the morning.

Link productivity to health goals. While conversations on meeting KPI’s and targets are essential, these may be stressful for some employees who are having difficulties meeting goals due to external stress. Whether it is stress at home, not getting enough time to eat proper food or exercise and feeling under the weather, often there is a whole conversation that is overlooked about the deeper reasons someone may seem to be slumping off at work. Introducing a dialogue on health through things such as Transform Health’s corporate wellbeing program can act as an avenue to have those conversations while also keeping the focus on workplace goals.

We make vegetables vibrant and health food tasty, and we offer nutritionally balanced meals designed by our in house personal trainer, dietician and cook. As part of this kind of program there is scope to analyse factors in ones personal life that may be holding a talented employee back. Our health diaries are a great way for teams to track what they’re eating in and outside of work and our seminars target where they can improve on their health. There is also scope to include team sport and group exercise or personal training sessions through the week, all of which can further improve communication and rapport. Feeling on top of your health through eating good food and getting exercise does wonders to boost confidence and increase energy throughout the day, which is great for productivity and working at peak performance during busy times.

 At Transform Kitchen, we are a huge believer in maximising workplace productivity through good food and a focus on health. Corporate wellness can be phenomenal. What we have seen time and again is that using health and food as a tool for team building and productivity is a key element in reaching company targets. After all, we are what we eat, and looking after our health is the key to transforming our lives, decreasing stress and inspiring productivity.