Easter is just around the corner (a mere week away) and although the Easter eggs and hot cross buns have been lining the supermarket shelves and tempting you for months it really starts to ramp up from here.

Easter parties, the autumn chill and that blessed four-day weekend can cripple even the strongest of resolves to not go overboard. Here are out tips for enjoying Easter happily and healthily!

Opt for the dark choc

Dark chocolate options (think 70% cocoa and above) have less sugar and higher antioxidant and magnesium levels than their milk and white chocolate alternatives. Being less sweet also helps to keep over doing it in check. Always opt for quality over quantity.

Choose wisely

Go one step further and buy certified fair trade chocolate products this Easter – ensuring that your hard earned cash gets to the farmers that produced the product for a fair price. Buying fair trade also supports schools, hospitals and communities in cocoa producing areas. A win for all!

Make your own

The best gifts are the thoughtful ones – so why not try your hand at making some Easter treats yourself? There are loads of simple recipes on line for Easter eggs and hot cross buns. Knowing what exactly is in the foods you are eating can be a great support for self-control and not overdoing it. Look for healthy swaps including raw cacao chocolate recipes.


Snack like a pro

Easter parties and get togethers are great fun but feeling lethargic and full after isn’t. Plan wisely if you are celebrating around lots of not-so-healthy food. Have a protein-rich breakfast and some healthy snacks on hand so you don’t go crazy on Easter eggs. Avoid eating chocolate on an empty stomach as your blood sugar levels will soar then crash leaving you wanting more chocolate to pick those levels back up again. Foods that cause a spike in blood sugar are generally sugar and refined carbohydrates (aka chocolate and hot cross buns). They cause the body to produce insulin, which makes you crave food constantly, leading to weight gain and a variety of health conditions including diabetes.