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As we head into a new year – and with it our dreams, goals and aspirations – one which is so common is a genuine effort to live a healthier lifestyle. Weekends and holidays are an easier time to make better eating choices and stay active, but what about when we are back at work? With daily deadlines, striving for the next promotion, managing teams or running your business, even with the best intentions, it becomes rather easy for health to take a back seat when we’re at work.

If you’re looking to make lifestyle changes this 2017 in order to improve your overall health, it’s really important to look at your work routine and your health habits at work, which accounts for around 45% of our waking hours in a typical week.

Here are four easy steps you can take to make healthy changes at work as part of an overall lifestyle change.

#1 Make a Plan – One of the biggest reasons why most people fail to succeed in achieving their goals is they fail to put together a good plan. If you take the time to know what you are wanting to accomplish and think it out ahead of time how you are going to go about doing it, you are far more likely to be successful. Each weekend, plan out your upcoming working week. This means scheduling your workouts into your calendar, and committing to them. Plan and prepare your meals in advance and stick to your eating program while you’re at work. Once you plan for health, 90% of success is then just getting it done.

#2 Eat for Performance–With 45% of your time spent at work, what you are eating while at work is going to play a critical goal in your success. We recommend our clients eat a nutritious lunch and 2 snacks each day to keep your metabolism charging, keep you feeling satisfied and not reaching for snacks that are high in fat or sugar. If you don’t have healthy options for lunch or snacks near your office, or don’t have time to prepare your own meals, consider ordering your daily lunch through Transform Kitchen. All the meals are correctly portion-controlled, nutrient dense, creative and delicious!

#3 Stay Hydrated–Staying adequately hydrated is one of the best ways to manage your weight at an optimal level and keep your body and your brain performing at its best.After all, our bodies are made up of 70% water! If you’re currently not drinking much water aim for 2 liters a day as a start. The easiest way to get started is to keep a bottle or cup of water at your desk or work area and take a drink every 30 minutes. Drinking water will also prevent unnecessary snacking throughout the day.

#4 Balance is the Key – Making time in your busy day to eat healthy, nutritious meals is important, but it is equally important that we create some balance in our day. Set up a morning routine that gets’s you pumped for the day ahead! When you’re at work, take a lunch break, and mini breaks every 90 minutes, which is proven to help maintain performance levels across the day. After work, schedule some relaxation time or a workout to reduce stress levels.

Striving for a genuine balance in life is ultimately the key to creating and maintaining a healthy routine. You may want to make this one of your aspirations this 2017.

At Transform Health, we’re offering complimentary nutrition, fitness and lifestyle consultations to help you create a healthy routine that matches your lifestyle. Why not call Jordan today or book online at