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If you enjoy cooking, one of the best things you can do is cook with the people you love. Food is something that helps unite us all and has the power to bring us all together at the table. When everyone gets involved in the process along with you, it can help you build memories that last a lifetime. Here are some more benefits of cooking and sharing a meal together with loved ones.

Strengthen relationships

Not only is cooking together a great leisure activity, but it’s also a wonderful way to build stronger relationships with your friends and family. It’s engaging and social too. When you have others around to talk and laugh with, perhaps even sip some wine with as you cook, it makes the act of cooking even more pleasurable.

Promotes better health

When you simply cook for yourself, it can be harder to maintain portion control. Or perhaps you tend to go for something unhealthy simply because it’s easier. Cooking with others forces you to use wholesome ingredients and create a more well-rounded meal. Plus, you’ll eat more slowly when dining with friends and family because you’ll be actively engaging in conversation which will help you feel fuller and keep you from overeating.

Encourages creativity

With a group of others to cook with, it helps you think outside the box. It’s intellectually stimulating to come up with new ideas to try in the kitchen. You won’t make the same, tired old things. When we have others to cook with, we break out of our comfort zone and try more adventurous options.

Improves your mood

Cooking alone can be lonely. That’s why we all gravitate toward unhealthier options when we’re alone. No one will be there to see us eat a box of mac and cheese from an ugly bowl. But when we’re with others, it’s much more fun and raises our spirits.

So when next getting together with your friends and family why not do so over a home cooked meal, and take advantage of these inspiring benefits of cooking and eating with the people you most care about in your life.