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Hands up if you’ve ever skipped lunch or ate what was convenient because you didn’t plan what you were going to eat? If you have fitness or weight loss goals, food planning is one of the easiest things you can do to set yourself up for success. Sadly, many fail miserably at it because they simply do not have the time or the knowledge to create nutritionally balanced and satisfying meals. 

So what is food planning? It’s essentially a guideline for controlling the aspects of what you eat. A food plan can be daily, weekly or up to a month in advance. A meal plan provides the direction you need to achieve your fitness goals. It also helps you set your priorities right and provides the motivation to take your performance seriously. 

Where You Can Go Wrong If You Don’t Have a Plan 

It’s often said, people don’t plan to fail, they simply fail to plan and there are several ways you can go wrong when you don’t have a food plan. 


Seemingly harmless things like a takeaway each night could impact your results. Takeaways might be very convenient but they are not healthy. If takeaways are part of your lifestyle you may end up feeling like you are not progressing towards achieving your fitness or weight loss goals.You are not taking away from your body weight, all you are doing is adding to it. 

Not Knowing What’s Going into Your Body

When you don’t know what’s going into your body, you are setting up yourself for failure. It’s almost like eating with a blindfold on.Make it a point of duty to read the labels and study the nutritional content of the food you are eating. 

Relying on Supplements

Many individuals think that they can achieve their weight loss goals faster with the help of meal supplements. Of course they have their purpose but you cannot live on supplements alone. You need a diet that’s nutritionally balanced and some supplements only provide one or two nutrients from the food group-mainly protein. 

Huge Portion Sizes

Another thing that could negatively impact your fitness goals is that portion sizes are too big.Try to reduce your portion sizes and you won’t need to spend so much time trying to burn excess calories.Worried about starving? No need to. You will have a feeling of fullness if your meals are balanced, and you incorporate two low-calorie snacks between meals. 

Start Today with Transform Kitchen’s Healthy Meal Delivery

Setting up a food plan can be time-consuming and a bit overwhelming because there are a lot of things to consider. The easiest way to get started is to leave the food planning and preparation to the experts at Transform Kitchen. 

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