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Ever wonder how to make healthy meals work with your busy schedule and on the go lifestyle? With days full of meetings, appointments and working out, it’s important to have a plan for a set of food you can take with you.

When you’re on the go, you need food that gives you an energy boost, to tackle the day ahead. You want it to be filling and delicious, but also healthy and leaving you feeling energised for the tasks at hand. You want to feel ready to put your best foot forward, and having a great meal can really help you feel the motivation to be your best self, whether that’s in a meeting, on set or as you prepare to go to your work out.

It’s important to be prepared food-wise for the week ahead. Otherwise we may find ourselves resorting to eating out and being less in control of our health. One of the caveats for those who eat out often is portion control. How do you take charge of your health and goals when the food that’s offered conveniently around you is of questionable portion size. One thing you can do is bring your own food, pre-prepared and packed, but carrying a meal around in your work bag could lead to some pretty inconvenient spills. You may find a thermos handy for hot foods or a freezer bag for yoghurts and colder food.

Transform kitchen offers lunch boxes for people on the go, with portions controlled and meals that are tasty yet also pre-approved by a dietician, trainer and cook. This way you know you’re getting your required vitamins and minerals while having a meal that’s delivered to your work place, saving you the fuss of prior preparation. You also don’t need to worry about cutlery, napkins and storage. Transform Kitchen’s lunchboxes arrive every day, prepared fresh the same morning. There are brekky bowls, lunch and dinner meals as well as on the go lunch box options and conveniently fit into your work cycle. And they all taste delicious.

So whether you’re on set, on site or heading to a work out, Transform kitchen has convenient, healthy and delicious portion-controlled meals for people on the go. Why not give it a try!