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At Transform Health, we love seeing the improved confidence of our clients when they are hitting all their fitness goals. Time and time again, we see the biggest obstacle isn’t so much fitting in workouts during the week, but making the right eating choices, and perfecting an eating routine that supports each client’s fitness goals. And that’s why we have developed programs to help you every step of the way.

When it comes to fitness and achieving your ultimate weight loss goal, eating healthy is much as important as working out. But many often think that they can eat whatever they like and make up for it during their workout sessions.

Here are some statistics that will hopefully help you to rethink your fitness strategy if you think that eating healthy is not so important. If you exercise 7 hours per week, that is only 4.1% of your time. That’s barely a drop in the bucket, so you need to spend the remaining 96.1% focused on eating healthier to attain the fitness results you crave.

If you are a chocolate lover, bear in mind it will take you 40 minutes to work off the calories you accumulated from eating the Mars that took less than five minutes to eat. Add to that the three glasses of wine, half a pizza and ice cream you may indulge in, when out with friends, and those calories start to add up. If you consider all the hard work you’ll have to put into your workouts for eating all that junk, it’s really not worth it.

Although you probably may not be guilty of eating unhealthy food, you may be tempted to skip a meal during the day and think the reduced calorie intake will impact your weight loss goals. It may seem logical, but it is not true. Skipping meals can be just as damaging to your fitness results. It slows metabolic output resulting in feelings of sluggishness the following day. Needless to say that if you are tired, you are less likely to exercise.

To get the best results from your fitness plan, or to achieve your weight loss goals, you need a healthy eating strategy. A healthy breakfast is a must and skipping meal is a no-no. Opt for three nutritionally balanced meals, and two low-calorie snacks every day. Plan your workouts around your nights out. Aim to train a little harder during the week and eat well, as a way to plan for and allow a social meal on the weekend.

At Transform Health, as part of your personal training program with us, we will map out your perfect week of training and meals, tailored to your unique fitness goals. We can help you develop a better understanding of the relationship between health, food and your body. We can analyze your current diet and tailor a plan to correct your eating habits, and develop eating plans based on your nutritional needs.

So why not give us a call and get the help of a team of professionals to kick those bad eating habits to the curb? Get in touch with Jordan Ponder at Transform Health today for a free nutrition, lifestyle and fitness consultation.