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Committing to a regular workout routine can be really challenging. It’s often hard to find time to get to the gym or we lose motivation along the way. And lets be honest we rarely have a valid excuse.

Time. If only we had more, right? Having no time seems to be by far the biggest barrier to fitness, but that can be overcome with a few simple strategies. If you exercise for 1 hour everyday that 7 hours out of a possible 168 hours per week – 4.1% of your time. That is a very achievable goal!

We all know regular exercise is paramount to supporting a healthy lifestyle. We highlight some of the common excuses and how to bust them.

Family and work commitments

Allocating your time can be hard – especially if you are working and have a family. There are countless people to please and people you need to devote time to. However for you to be the best boss/employee/mother/father you need to be the best version of yourself. Allocating 30-60 minutes to yourself everyday is not selfish, it’s selfless! You are making consistent steps to be the person you want to be. Look at your diary and schedule all exercise sessions the week before to lock them in and support a regular routine. Slotting in incidental exercise is also a great way to support health goals when you are time-poor. Taking every opportunity to move more through the day, taking the stairs, conducting ‘meetings on the move’, and scheduling active family activities.


Not seeing instant results

Change takes hard work, consistency and commitment. You are not going to have a body like Beyonce after 3 sessions at the gym, nor are you going to be able to run a marathon when you have only been doing 3km-training runs. At the very minimum, with a consistent, goal driven training program, balanced with a sound nutrition plan you will see results in 6 – 8 weeks. When starting any training regime it helps to have realistic short and long-term goals and actionable steps to reach those goals – this is where training with a professional can really help.

Remember it’s not just about losing weight or getting big strong muscles it’s about having a regular and consistent exercise routine to support your overall health. Regular exercise helps to lower blood, rev up metabolism and boost mood! If you make your exercise routine about overall health – how good it makes you feel – it will be much easier to make it a regular habit. Weight loss, shape or performance goals will happen in due course.


 Being self-conscious

We can all feel a little self-conscious at the gym or when working out but that is not a good excuse not to go. We are all different and we all have different fitness goals. Focus on what you want to achieve, plug in your head phones and go for it. If you are new to starting an exercise routine or need some help with what exercise will be the best for you and your goals, consult a professional to show you the ropes.


Having an injury

Many of us have injuries or issues that need to be supported so we can exercise effectively. Again, seeking out professional help from a physio or experienced personal trainer can be a great way of finding techniques and workouts that work for you and your body. Correctly warming up and stretching is important to ensure that your muscles are prepared to work, minimising injuries.


Wet weather excuses

If you are exercising outdoors, weather can be a barrier. If it rains, if its cold you need a back up plan. Choose to work out early morning or late evening on hot days, have an indoor option or at-home work out that you can do when the weather interrupts.