The low hanging fruit of productivity – healthy eating! 

Generally, we think of boosting productivity by shortening the to do list, getting up earlier, and implementing solutions that promise an increase in efficiency. Yet one of the simplest and easiest ways to boost productivity exponentially is given little consideration – healthy eating in the workplace. 

An ILO (International Labour Organisation) study has identified that consuming nutrient rich and portion controlled food in the workplace can lead to increased productivity and worker morale. Adequate nourishment can increase national productivity levels by as much as 20%. 

Food for thought!

Nourishment has a direct impact on our cognitive performance: Most of what we consume is broken down and converted by our body into glucose, providing the energy our brains need to stay alert; though not all foods are processed by our bodies at the same rate.

Foods such as pasta, bread, cereal, sweets, cakes and pastries release the glucose quickly, leading to a burst of energy followed by a slump and often cravings for something sweet or carbohydrate rich to perk us back up again. Meals that have balance of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and good fats) help to support a sustained release of energy as well as keep up satiated and mentally alert. Portion control is equally important – overeating stresses the digestive system, meaning it has to work harder which reduced oxygen levels in the brain often leading to grogginess (e.g. that 3pm slump). 

What is the solution?

An action plan is a good start and makes nutritional eating easier to accomplish. Providing healthy employee meals in the workplace ensure that employees are at least eating one good quality meal per day, encourages employees to have shorter lunch breaks (having lunch onsite rather than off) and can lead to higher productivity and less sick days overall.

The ILO study establishes a clear link between good nutrition and high productivity. Quality nutrient rich food at work is not only socially important and economically viable but a profitable business practice. Providing work place lunches (in a functional setting with no alcohol) can also be claimed as a tax deduction up to 49%. Providing workplace lunches is a great incentive and has been shown to support employee retention and overall workplace satisfaction. 

Transform Kitchen offers a healthy, affordable and convenient solution – Transform Lunchtime Menu. A five dish menu (2x meat protein, 1x vegetarian main and 2x salad/vegetable dishes) that are presented platter style – lean cuts of meat, seasonal vegetables and no additives or preservatives. Most dishes are also naturally gluten and dairy free and all dietary specification can be catered for. 

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