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“Why am I so tired” is the most commonly Googled question according to SleepHub 2017. If you constantly wake up sleepy, irritable, and unfocused, then look out for three typical tell tail signs that affect your sleep patterns and could lead to decreased quality of life. These include:

Lifestyle choices

Managing your routine and planning ahead will help you with your sleep. Being able to switch off at home from work will enable you to prioritise your time and relax when warranted. High levels of stress, lack of fitness and long hours spent at work are commonly interrelated with sleep disorders according to SleepHub 2017.


Energy levels – poor nutrition and poor planning

So many of us constantly get home from work have no wholesome food in the fridge so regrettably order takeaway. Poor nutritional meals can make you feel bloated, decrease stamina and increase fatigue. When do you feel most energetic throughout the day? Ideally you should be feeling hungry every three hours fuelling your body with wholesome, portion controlled hand sized meals. Subsequently this will increase your metabolism, which is your body’s ability to burn calories (great for weight loss and toning).


Tapering Energy

Start your day with an energy dense breakfast rich in carbohydrates and low in protein. Throughout the day increase your protein intake and decrease your carbohydrates ready for a nights rest. The body will utilise the protein to restore muscle fibre from a days exercise.


Associated health conditions

Long term sleep issues and chronic fatigue are linked with a higher risk of high blood pressure, decreased metabolism (commonly leading to weight problems), increased stress and mental health disorders.


Everyone is different but as a guide adults should between 7-8 hours according to the Australian Bureau Statistics 2017. Practice optimal sleep hygiene by making your bedroom a sleep haven – cool and dark, a ‘screen-free’ zone and set it up with a great mattress and comfy pillows to make sleep as restful and refreshing as possible. If you are constantly having issues with sleep check in with your GP as you may have a sleep disorder that needs further investigation and support.