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Did you know that approximately 60% of your body is made up of water? Keeping up your water intake is paramount to support optimal hydration and essential functioning of the body. Benefits of keeping on top of your H2O intake include:

Reducing fatigue

Being dehydrated can make you feel tired and lethargic contributing to poor physical and mental performance. Ensuring optimal hydration will help you with mental focus at work and can also improve your physical performance in your workouts. Next time you are feeling zonked try drinking a couple of glasses of water to support focused attention span, memory and motor skills.

Boosting workouts

Water is an integral part of most any workout, and it becomes especially important in order to prevent dehydration during long workouts. When exercising for an hour or more, drinking water treated with carbohydrates and salts can help maintain fluid balance, which aids athletic performance and helps prevent post-exercise fatigue and exhaustion. Studies have shown that athletes who maintain optimal hydration before, during and after training are able to exercise for longer and regulate their temperature better.

Promoting a healthy immune system

 Being optimally hydrated is a must to ensure a strong immune system. Water supports the blood to carry plenty of oxygen to your cells, ensuring optimal functioning of all organs and muscles. Water also supports your kidneys to remove toxins from your body and aids the production of lymph, which circulates white blood cells and nutrients to all your body’s tissues. Chronically dehydrated people tend to get sick more often and for longer periods of time – this is because a dehydrated body is unable to eliminate nasty toxins from the body effectively. Drink plenty of fluids to help support your immune system and eliminate by-products of any illness.

Giving you a natural glow

Prolonged dehydration contributes to skin aging causing the skin to wrinkle and become dry. Maintaining optimal hydration helps to improve blood circulation to the skin for a more youthful glowing complexion.

 Supporting weight loss

Drinking your optimal intake of water per day can help increase your metabolic rate and boost satiety supporting healthy weight loss. Timing your water intake for half an hour before meals can help you feel fuller for longer meaning you will be less likely to overeat at meals. Drinking water cold helps burn energy, as the body has to heat the water up to body temperature.

How much should I drink?

Current guidelines suggest adults drink 2 – 2.5 litres daily, however most experts agree that optimal hydration looks a little different on everyone. If you are very active you will be losing more water than someone who is more sedentary. A good guide is to aim for approximately 2 litres per day, on top of this food accounts for about 20% of our water intake (especially fresh fruit and vegetables), which adds to your overall water intake. When exercising always make sure to add an extra half to 1 litre to reduce dehydration and support optimal training.