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As we head into another year, many have made the commitment to start on a new fitness program. However, it’s very easy for all your good intentions to start to fall apart after a couple of weeks as life gets busy again, your motivation drops and your resolutions from the New Year seems to have been made so long ago. Regardless of the time of year, we have six fantastic tips that will help to stay motivated with your fitness program!

Train with a buddy
If you have friends, a partner or work buddy that work out regularly, be sure to get in touch to see if you can train together. If you have someone to workout with, you are less likely to let each other down, no matter how busy your week gets. Hitting the gym alone, there is a lack of accountability so team up with someone and be each other’s motivation!

Set up a private fitness group
If you have a group of friends who you socialise with regularly and you all like to keep fit and healthy, why not set up your own private fitness group? This way, as you will all have similar goals, training will become fun and social as opposed to something you ‘have’ to do before you meet up with friends. Hit the gym together, train outdoors, or have a personal trainer set some goals for your group and a tailored workout program that will have you seeing great results in no time.

Take progress photos
Seeing physical results in your body can be a huge motivator! Change does take time and you need to keep your motivation up so that you consistently get all your training sessions done each week, and make positive food choices, and then only this way you’ll start seeing changes in your body. Taking progress photos every week will enable you to objectively look back week-on-week and see the improvements in your body from all your hard work.

Create healthy habits
Willpower only gets you so far in any goal! If you’re inconsistent with your training or giving up entirely, you can guarantee that you have never given exercise a chance to become a habit. Commit to your program and in time, usually 3-4 weeks, your workouts and your healthy food choices will become just a part of your daily routine. In this way, whether you choose to exercise in the morning or the evening, working out will become just as common as brushing your teeth and showering.

Keep a food journal
This is the best way to keep an eye on your diet. Often, mindless snacking, too much alcohol on your nights out, large portions and poor food choices made too often, can see you not achieving your body goals. And if you’re not seeing results, this can be very de-motivating despite all the training your putting in. When making a conscious effort to write down everything you eat, you become more aware of what you’re eating, and where your eating routine is letting you down, and then you can make some positive changes.

Get a Personal Trainer
Like any coach or mentor, having someone to hold you accountable for your health and fitness is the ultimate motivator. With a personal trainer, you get proven advice, ongoing support, a tailored program for your specific goals and someone who works with you through the obstacles that are holding you back from achieving your goals.This could just be your best option because you will have someone who has taken other clients through all of the problems you’re likely to encounter, and knows how to get you lasting results.

Ultimately, keeping up an exercise program can be hard work, but it becomes a whole lot easier once you practice any of these six tips. Go out there and make this year…your year! For a complimentary fitness, lifestyle and nutrition program with Transform Health get in touch with us today at