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Has exercise become a dirty word for you? Have you forgotten the last time you hit the gym or laced up your running shoes? If this sounds like you, it may be time to start training with a personal trainer. Here are the 4 principle signs you may need to consult with a fitness expert…

  1. You go for over a week without exercise

A healthy adult should do at least 30 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise five times a week. Often we push our scheduled exercise to make room for other commitments. The advantage of having a trainer is that it is a scheduled time to focus on you and what you need.

  1. When you talk about fitness using the words “used to be good at…”

With time our priorities change and we forget what makes us who we are. Putting on weight, losing mobility and energy over time doesn’t make anyone happy. A fitness expert will draw out your strengths and work on your weaknesses getting you back to saying ‘I do’, instead of ‘used to’.

  1. You watch 2 or more hours of TV a night and drink most nights

A sedentary lifestyle, coupled with moderate to heavy drinking is a time bomb for your self-confidence, and physical health. Of course breaking this cycle is difficult to do by yourself. The team at Transform Health, as part of your Initial Consultation, will make a full assessment of your current health, empowering you to commit to a strategy that guarantees results.

  1. When you think 2 sessions a week is enough

A fitness expert is there not only to help you improve your health and fitness in-session but also set and hold you accountable to goals outside of your time together. Understanding that two hours a week is 1.1% of your time and no matter how hard you push yourself within that 1.1% the 98.9% will always win. Without goals, lifestyle strategies and the schedule adjustments necessary, results will always be limited.

Having a professional devoting their knowledge and energy to getting you what you want, holding you accountable and systemizing your routine is a massive advantage in a time of increased specialization.

For a limited time, we’re offering new clients a complimentary Initial Consultation where we complete a full health and fitness assessment with you, define your fitness goals and map out your perfect week.

Call Jordan Ponder today to book your session!