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At the end of last year, Jordan and Elliot did a work retreat to Palmy for the weekend to discuss what was happening with the business.


The team had doubled the catering business and training growth was close by. After a quick google of ‘work retreat agendas’ and discussions with some of our amazing clients, the weekend started looking at our purpose, that of our primary aim. Whilst it took a bottle of bubbly and a roast chook at the Newport Arms, we finally realized that it hadn’t changed from ‘The Model Life’ days. Our aim is and always has been to help individuals and businesses improve day-to-day performance through health.


2016 had seen growth but we had allowed some of this growth to be away from our primary purpose. We were doing catering for caterings sake and our training sessions were losing their lifestyle focus, their focus on adjusting routine and understanding choices to a focus on exercise. With this realisation, we decided we needed to look at our business offerings, our systems and menus to ensure they helped improve day-to-day performance.


We started at the easiest point, that of our catering menu. With ‘Type-A’ managers, set in their ways, at times we were made to compete in the mini chocolate croissant, muffin and bacon and egg roll market. These things, of course have a place in everyones ‘sometimes’ category, but if the workplace is providing this and only this, your workplace isnt adding to your health, its taking away from it.

With this belief we sculpted a quick checklist that each of our menu items had to tick:

 – Healthy, not gluten free, raw healthy, but real food healthy. Delicious ingredients treated right.
 – Made fresh (that day, or slow roasted over night) with fresh ingredients.
 – Be comparatively better than its competition – dont be another egg and bacon roll, be the best egg and bacon roll you can be!
 – Ensure trust that the spread matches our brand of balance and health through lifestyle – meaning that whilst a caramelised banana and almond brownie could appear at your work courtesy of Transform Kitchen, that we have a balanced mix of dishes to ensure the right choice can and should be made in line with your goals. 
– Balance within the dish. A mix of texture, colour, taste, bitter, sweet, sour, umami, smokey, salty, juciey etc.

Lastly, we wanted to link our services together to ensure our narrative and beliefs are communicated. This means that we provide weekly workout guides, free corporate training, and nutritional guides along with our food. Pushing our corporate wellness initatives.


Below are the links to our new corporate and event catering menus. Check them out, let us know what you think and hopefully we can deliver them to your workplace. #healthdelivered.

Transform Kitchen Catering Menu 2017
Breakfast Catering 2017