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Transform Health’s Cafe provides grab and go as well as eat-in options, in line with our mission of cultivating performance through healthy lifestyles. We provide nutrient dense appropriately portioned meals and snacks that follow our nutritional theory. Our chefs have trained in the best restaurants in the world including Noma, The Ledbury and Bennelong and aim to ensure our food not only matches our mission but is incredible food from incredible producers.

The Idea

Monday to Friday each of us should look forward to a routine grounded in progressive habits. The weekends we should enjoy ourselves with those we love appreciating the small things.

We have worked hard to build relationships with local farmers and offer a menu founded in whats fresh from people we know. We sell small goods and home made condiments as well as grab and go meals, juices and smoothies. Here we hold community training sessions, cooking classes, a book club and weekly brunches on Saturday. Come have a chat and enjoy with us.