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I was extremely overweight (in the morbidly obese category) with lots of health problems and lots of failed attempts to lose weight piling up behind me. What made the difference for me was Jordan. He motivates me, knows how to push me and every session is fun and something I look forward to.I now know more about food, metabolism and how my body works – he is a walking encyclopaedia on this stuff.I have lost 34kg and accomplished things that I previously didn’t even dream about. I have gone from being exhausted just getting to and from work to 3 hours of cardio every week. I enter in fun run events like the Bay Run and Blackmores Family Fun Run and sometimes for fun on a weekend I go for a run.While these activities may seem underwhelming to some, I have a number of health issues that make them amazing to me. I have had my hip replaced 3 times and while Jordan tailors my program to suit, he doesn’t let this be an excuse for me not to try things.