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I came to Jordan as an obese, deeply depressed and generally despondent 23 year old residing in the body of someone much older – complete with lower back pain, sore calves and the inability to walk as much as 200 meters without complaining of being crippled by the sheer difficulty of it all. I was (and must admit, still am) a trainers worst nightmare. I was wilful, mistrustful and afraid of everything that came with changing my lifestyle – from binges, junk food, starvation and a general fear and dislike of exercise but above all, the hatred I felt towards myself. Jordan has been there through it all when anyone else would have given up. He has witnessed my disappointments when I’ve gained weight and my joy when I’ve lost weight. But Jordan goes above and beyond helping his clients achieve a healthy body – and believe me, he is a veritable expert at that. Jordan is someone who will help a client tackle the reasons why they became overweight in the first place. through two hospital admissions in three months, Jordan has been a constant source of emotional support for which I thank him dearly. So far I’ve lost 20kg and am on track for a few more.