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We all know we waste too much food and we’ve heard the facts – An estimated 800 million people go to bed hungry each night whilst one third of the food we buy goes to waste. What’s more significant: percentages of produce never even makes it to market.

The inefficiencies in our food and social systems are so mind bogglingly big that its easy to start nodding whilst shuffling backwards away from any meaningful action.

Collectively there’s so much we can do to improve on the amount of waste within the food industry. As a starting point we need to look at how it is we consume and the choices we make within our individual routines which flow on to supporting different farming and production practices.

Below is a simple summary of the consumption and production problems with a brief on what you can do at home and at work to improve this.

Once we start to care more about what we do to reduce waste, we will then look to improve how those we shop with manage their supply, logistics and waste.

With almost six bath tubs of water used to grow that 200g piece of chicken breast getting old in the fridge, it is paramount we wake up to how much we, as consumers, are in charge of the future of our planet.

The amazing world of food is evolving. Rapidly changing customer preferences, increases in size of grocers as well as supply platforms and middlemen, natural disasters affecting cost, expectations as to sustainability and waste, and increasing costs in energy and labor, mean a new era of food supply. It is our responsibility to ensure that this new era is one we help design.

War Waste 2: Reduce your food waste