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When life gets busy the first things to go are usually our sleep and cooking.

We get it… it feels counter productive to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen when you’ve got about a million deadlines, a social life to maintain or perhaps a family to look after.  We’re here to unpack this trending topic of meal prep and delve into how it can actually save you time (and money). Not only that, preparing meals ahead of time reduces food waste and often means you make healthier choices. Better for you & better for the planet.


3 Why's of Meal Prep, Rep the Prep


How will Meal Prep save you time?

Dedicating a few hours (we’re talking 2 or maybe 3 if you include the trip to the grocery store or farmers market) on the weekend can save you so much time throughout the week. It’s all about establishing the habit and getting systematic with it. Make a plan (it’s best to keep it simple), create your shopping list and stick to it. Then prepare in bulk. So, for example, if you’re making a curry, make enough that you can freeze to keep fresh for later in the week. Prepare a few healthy snacks… bliss balls, seed crackers, hummus… whatever tickles your fancy. That way you have a nutritious option when those pesky 3pm cravings kick in.

Tip: we recommend stocking up on jars and/or reusable containers to store your dressings and all your pre prepared nourishment.

In doing this, you’ll have healthy meals on hand for any time of the day which will stop you reaching for Uber Eats when hunger sets in. If meal prep really isn’t a priority for you but you want to start making more conscious choices surrounding food and the environment, you can order sustainable lunchboxes through our website. All our produce is fresh, local and seasonal supporting local farmers and nourishing your bodies with nutrient dense & flavoursome ingredients.

Transform Health Vegan Salad Bowl, Rep the Prep, Meal Prep

Reduce Waste.

Simply by planning your meals and writing a shopping list, you are far less likely to waste food. This is because you know exactly what you need when heading out to the supermarket, so you’re less likely to fall into the trap of “I may use this and I may need that”.

Another way that meal prep prevents waste is by knowing the best ways to store food to help keep it fresh. That may be freezing meals or using smart-vent Tupperware that helps maintain freshness of produce.  Find out more about the food waste crisis and what you can do about it here

Food Waste, Meal Prep, Rep The Prep

Keep your health on track.

Think about all those times you’ve told yourself you were going to have a healthy week, and next minute you’re ordering a greasy takeout meal… and think about why this happens. Probably because you’ve waited until the point where you’re starving and in need of instant gratification. A key benefit of meal prepping means you’ve prepared your 3 meals (and maybe a few snacks), whilst in the ‘I want to be healthy’ mindset. If you’ve spent a few hours preparing your meals it’s unlikely you’re going to let it go to waste, right?

So, our challenge to you for this week, is to give meal prep a go. Keep it simple, focusing on wholesome ingredients that can be used in a myriad of ways. Play some tunes and maybe get a few friends involved, and you’ve got yourself a great Sunday afternoon activity.