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This week POPSUGAR Australia had the pleasure of being trained by Victoria’s Secret model trainer (and founder of Transform Health) Jordan Ponder — not only was it a full-body workout that tested our strength and will power (while making us sweat buckets), it opened our eyes to how hard the Victoria’s Secret models and Angels actually work (not to mention a whole world of pain the next day) to get their bodies looking so amazing. While they may look genetically-blessed, Jordan admits these ladies are like athletes and that’s exactly how they train. “They’re naturally long and lean, naturally ectomorph, so they’re not going to bulk up as much. They’re mainly working on skill-based training, so a lot of boxing, a lot of skipping, and depending on their body some Pilates and ballet-type movement for posture, length and strength,” he says. So as we planked, skipped, squatted, shadow boxed and crunched we got the inside scoop on what it takes to train like an Angel.

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