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Ninemsn – How to train like a model

Models seem to have it all when it comes to looking lean, healthy and perfectly toned.

And although they’re genetically blessed, personal trainer Jordan Ponder from Sydney’s Transform Health says achieving their toned, slim look comes down to a few straightforward steps.

Having worked with some of Australia’s top models — including Victoria Secret angel Bridget Malcolm, Jessica Gomes,  Montana Cox and Shanina Shaik — Ponder knows a thing or two when it comes to achieving a toned and trim body long-term.

What’s a big misconception about looking slim and toned like a model?

Having goals is important and there is nothing wrong with looking slim and toned, however comparing yourself to someone who is completely different is the root of much anxiety, eating disorders and marketing gimmicks.

It’s good to remember models are genetically blessed. Combine that with the fact they specialise in looking good, which means their day is filled with activities designed to improve the way they look.

Fitness is part of their routine, meaning they approach training and healthy eating with a necessary intensity for a particular job.

Most of us sit down for between one-third and two-thirds of our entire day. We have deadlines that prevent us from catching the yoga class at 5.30pm, and kids which prevent those Saturday morning sessions.