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GLAMOUR is a full- time job, but supermodel Jessica Gomes makes it look oh-so easy.

NUI TE KOHA spent the day with Jessica as she prepares to launch the David Jones spring-summer collection in Sydney this week.

Thursday, July 24, 6.10am: Jessica arrives at Sydney International Airport looking runway-ready after a 12-hour flight from Los Angeles. “I slept the whole way,” she says. “Sleep is really important because I go straight to work when I arrive. I’m lucky because I get to travel with my wardrobe. I love dressing in style.”

7.05am: Jessica checks in to her hotel, and changes into workout clothes.

8:22am: She works out at Bondi Beach with personal trainer Jordan Ponder. “I do a mixed range of weights and cardio for toning,” Jessica says. “I enjoy working out. I used to dread it back in the day, but it makes me feel good and gives me energy. It keeps me motivated. For me, it’s about feeling strong.

9:29am: Jessica makes a FaceTime call to sister Giselle while travelling back to the city. “I’m so close to my family,” she says. “I call them all the time. I try to come every Christmas otherwise I’d get homesick.”

10:15am: She gets a facial.

11:27am: Jessica slurps on her beloved protein smoothie. “Before a show, I reign it in and don’t do sugar or carbs,” she says. “I love smoothies with coconut water, whey protein and kale. Ii treat my work very seriously and I keep things strict. When the job is done, I feel good about rewarding myself with chocolate or french fries.”

12:35pm: Jessica attends a meeting at David Jones HQ over a sushi lunch. “Working for David Jones is my dream job,” she says. “I’m so excited to come home for every show.”

3 :08pm: Fittings for the 2014 spring summer launch. “It’s always good to see what I’m wearing and prepare for it,” she says. “That’s the exciting part, the fun part. It’s beautiful.”

4.41pm: Jessica gets her nails done.

6:04pm: She enjoys an early dinner with model and fellow David Jones ambassador, Montana Cox. “It’s important to have time with friends. Montana and I have a great relationship inside and outside of work.

Gomes, a global brand after starring in seven consecutive issues of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition – and tracking for a record-breaking eighth spot – said she still felt like the girl next door.

“I come home and I take a deep breath,” she says. “I love Australia so much. I really am an Aussie girl at heart.”


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