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Time to stretch! Stephanie here from Transform Health checking in with all you fitness enthusiasts to remind you of the importance of stretching.

It’s easy to forget to stretch. We are all so focused on cardio training and strengthening our bums and tums, which is great, but when it comes to stretching we just don’t seem as determined.

As we exercise and become stronger our muscles become short and tight which could lead to muscle imbalances and cause injury to weaker areas of the body. Stretching helps to lengthen tight muscles preventing injury and making your limbs look longer and leaner.

I like to take the time to stretch for 20 minutes after every workout and allocate one session a week to stretch and let my muscles recover. Today I’m stretching at a beautiful location on the water, which is the perfect place to zone out from the world and zone into my body. I chose to wear these bright tights as the colours make me feel happy and fresh. On the top half I kept it a little more simple with the grey V back tank as the colours from the underarm straps tie in well with these tights and the loose fit makes it easy for my body to move and stretch.

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