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There is much more to being a model than strutting around in couture clothes and having your photo taken all day.

In fact there is a lot of hard work and sweat that goes on behind the scenes.

I know this because I did a session with Jordan Ponder, founder and head trainer of Transform Health, and trainer to internationally renowned Australian models Nicole Trunfio, Jessica Gomes, Bambi Northwood-Blyth, Montana Cox, Samantha Harris, Annabella Barber, Bridget Malcolm and more.

While he gave us a preview of the type of sessions he gives his clients before they attend a casting or show, it was more than enough to know that these girls put in the hard yards to look as good as they do.

Business Insider asked Ponder his advice for staying trim as we get ready to pig out and lay around in the sun this festive season.

Here are his 6 top suggestions.

1. Plan your weeks.

Ponder and client Samantha Harris. Photo: Transform Health/ Facebook.

Coming into the silly season it is expected that you’ll have more events to attend. Ponder says to combat this “make sure you put those into your schedule and plan your exercise around that.”

“If you’re going out for a big weekend, and you know you’ll be having a couple of glasses of wine, make sure that you’re exercising first thing Monday morning, and first thing Tuesday,” he said.

By exercising on Monday morning, you’re setting yourself up for a great day, and a consistent week.

“Alcohol is a depressant, so it makes you less motivated,” he said.

“But if you plan to get up the next morning with your friend and go for a walk or a run, you’re more likely to drink less and you’re more likely to make healthier choices during the day.”

He also suggests cutting back on calories during the day to make up for the calorie intake in the alcohol you will be consuming.

2. For every alcoholic drink you consume, have a glass of water.

While Ponder’s personal preference is a scotch on the rocks followed by a bottle of mineral water – going one for one, he suggests drinking vodka sodas or tequila and lime if you’re looking for a better option.

Or he says: “Drink the most disgusting alcoholic drink so you don’t drink as many of them.”

3. Eat seafood, and decrease the portion size.

Jordan says if you get to chose your meal, always pick the seafood dish.

“It’s usually a smaller option,” he said, and “generally better for you”.

“Order two entrees rather than a main and an entrée,” he said.

“Entrees are often a more creative dish, whereas mains are typically a bigger piece of meat with something starchy.”

He also suggested to stagger meals throughout the course of the evening, so that you have time to feel full and ultimately eat a little bit less.

“Diet is the biggest component. It’s not more important than exercise, but if you’re eating the wrong thing you will not drop the weight,” he added.

4. Stress less.

While he acknowledges the Christmas period is a tense time of year, with deadlines to meet and preparations to be made, he says each person is the decider of their own stress levels.

“You’re personal stress levels reflect your environment. If you’re working nine to five that’s your environment, and you chose if you’re going to get stressed,” he said.

“You have to set up your lifestyle to what you want it to reflect. Everyone is going to be stressed, everyone is going to be exhausted, that’s just the way things happen. So you have to plan it and execute it the way you want feel.”

5. Short duration, high intensity exercises are the key to success.

Ponder’s client Montana Cox. Photo: Transform Health/ Facebook.

Ponder recommends that if people are wanting to get the most out of their training they should focus on short duration, high intensity exercises.

“Sprints or hills or boxing,” he said, “As fast as you can for a short period of time.”

“The aim of this is to get the heart rate up and then rest and repeat. It could be something as simple as 10 seconds, 10 times through or it could be 40 seconds, 5 times through, depending on the gradient, the intensity and their capabilities.

“Or it could be 3 minute boxing rounds and you do 10 of them with a 40 minute jog, that could be the session.”

But the number one rule that Ponder insisted people implement into their training was goal-setting.

“Work out to your goals,” he said. “If you have a time period then you’re going to work out so much more effectively.”

6. There are easy fixes.

“Everyone wants to be slender. Women’s bodies are designed to put on body weight to reproduce, so if you’re not focusing on what is going into the body then you’re not going to be able to adjust the outcome,” he said.

“There are just no short cuts.

“You don’t get a promotion by going to the boss and saying I’ll give you $100 if you give me a promotion, you’ve got to work hard.”

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