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Transform Lunchtime is about improving the culture, performance and health of you and your team. Our chefs, trainers and dietitans collaborate to deliver high quality, artisan and freshly made foods to your workplace that will increase energy, and morale while reducing sick days.

The Idea

Food is fuel, and our brains use around 40 per cent of our body’s energy needs. So if your team is receiving top quality fuel, you could expect top quality output. They will feel better, be happier, come together and perform.

Transform Kitchen designs bespoke menus for your team, ensuring each meal is nutritionally-balanced, and that our food as part of our lunchtime delivery in Sydney aligns with the health and performance aspirations of your company.

Example Menu


Work doesn’t have to mean the same old boring wraps or tuna salad for lunch every day. Whatsmore half of your team probably skip lunch due to meetings or deadlines, leaving them ravenous and exhausted, overly dependant on coffee and over eating late in the day. Inspire health but more importantly inspire people in their daily routines to enjoy the small things. Made fresh every morning with local, seasonal ingredients.


Team culture is an intangible and often fickle thing to manage. Food brings people together, gets them enjoying the same thing and talking to each other about more than deadlines and how tired they are. We provide stylised buffets to make every day exciting.

Workplace Wellness Collateral

To facilitate wellness in your workplace, in collaboration with Transform health, Transform Kitchen provides workout programs, written content and food plans for you and your staff. As you know, to improve performance, food and fitness go hand-in-hand. Whilst eating five out of seven amazing lunches is the right start, your meals and exercise need to be planned and executed away from the lunch table. Our  corporate wellness programs work off an 8-week term designed to motivate, inspire and improve individual health and company culture.

Lunch Delivery Sydney

Package One

20-50 People

5 Dishes

$16 pp inc GST

Package Two

51-100 People

5 Dishes

$14 pp inc GST

Package Three

101+ People

5 Dishes

$13 pp inc GST

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