Transform Lunchtime is a healthy lunch delivery service in Sydney that provides your team with healthy, nutritionally balanced lunches. Our team of personal trainers, cooks, and dietitians collaborate to purposely design weekly menus that improve energy and performance without sacrificing on satisfaction. We tailor our menus to your dietary needs and design new dishes every week to provide you with creative, varied, and balanced menus.

The Idea

Food is fuel, and our brains use around 40 per cent of our body’s energy needs. So if your team is receiving top quality fuel, you could expect top quality output. They will feel better, be happier, come together and perform.

Transform Kitchen designs bespoke menus for your team, ensuring each meal is nutritionally-balanced, and that our food as part of our lunchtime delivery in Sydney aligns with the health and performance aspirations of your company.

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You can help inspire health and performance in your workplace and improve productivity by eliminating the post lunch slump with our lunch catering in Sydney CBD.

Maybe you are just starting out, discovering new and exciting ways to offer lunch at your workplace.  Or perhaps you are ready to redesign the way your work teams eat lunch.  Either way, Transform Lunchtime can help you with scrumptious and healthful lunch meals brought right to you.  You’ll find over time that everyone at your workplace will feel better and get more done when you eat right.


With Transform Lunchtime you can even get your office together to have lunches brought in every day.  Transform Lunchtime is a regular office lunch delivery service in Sydney CBD that gives you the great nutrition you need to tackle even the toughest day.  You and your team will feel energised thanks to perfectly nutritionally balanced meals.

Every week you can find new meals so you’ll never get tired of the same old thing every day.  Plus, our daily running menus mean no matter what our chef has created, you’ll get great nutrition every time. When you need lunch catering in Sydney, call us and let us help you have the best artisan lunch experience today.  Get healthy lunches delivered to your workplace with Transform Kitchen.

Workplace Wellness Collateral

To facilitate wellness in your workplace, in collaboration with Transform health, Transform Kitchen provides workout programs and food plans for you and your staff. As you know, to improve performance, food and fitness go hand-in-hand. Whilst eating five out of seven amazing lunches is the right start, your meals and exercise need to be planned and executed away from the lunch table. Our  corporate wellness Sydney programs work off an 8-week term designed to motivate, inspire and improve individual health and company culture.

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