Due to redevelopment, lunchboxes will not be available until 2018. Thank you for your support. Our food is available on UberEats, Deliveroo as well as through our corporate catering offer. We would also love to see you in the cafe! Stay healthy!

The Transform Kitchen lunchbox healthy lunch delivery service in Sydney CBD brings delicious, artisan lunches to your daily routine. Designed by our dietitians and taste-perfected by our cooks, they are individually portioned and nutritionally balanced meals, made fresh daily and delivered straight to your desk. It’s health delivered!

For delivery areas and any other burning questions head to our FAQS page or speak with us directly.

Order by 6pm the night before to ensure next day delivery.


For anyone who has tried to eat healthy at work, you know the hardest part is watching what you eat.  Those mid-afternoon office treats have an almost undeniable siren song. Food is such an important part of our lives and sometimes it can be very difficult to change lifelong eating habits. As any personal trainer, dietitian, or nutritionist can tell you, though, if you are only exercising be healthy, you are not even halfway there. That is where our healthy food delivery service in Sydney CBD comes into play.

When we are tired, or uninspired, or even just exhausted from our day, our body craves food. Unfortunately for you, many offices are filled with foods that are exactly the opposite of a healthy diet.  You can change this, however, and even improve your quality of life in various ways by joining our healthy lunchbox food delivery service in Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs.

Healthy Lunch Delivery Service Sydneycbd


Here’s how – many times we don’t have time in the mornings to get a healthy lunch made that we can bring to work. With Transform Kitchen you can get healthy meal delivery in Sydney, made fresh and delivered same day! Just think about it, no matter how busy you get, how tired you are, or how little time you have, there will already be a healthy meal waiting for you.

For too long, health food has been lumped together with tasteless food, but with your healthy meals delivered in Sydney CBD and other local suburbs, you will find you can retain your love of food, save time, and eat better in a way that will benefit your health for years to come.  You’ll find that healthy food also contributes to better focus and work performance.


If you’re on an eating plan as part of a fitness or weight loss program, our healthy lunchbox service can also work as part of a weight loss or diet food meal delivery in Sydney. All of our lunchbox meals are portioned controlled and nutritionally balanced to keep you satisfied throughout the afternoon. We provide diet food and healthy meals delivered to your office or home. Don’t compromise with your health and take advantage of fresh meal delivery in Sydney. Order online today!