The concept behind our food

As two guys tired of being let down by cheap ingredients, flavourless dishes or otherwise unhealthy food, we have sought to create a food business that sources quality ingredients, prepared simply but creatively, to help our customers achieve their ultimate lifestyle.

Transform Kitchen offers simple, seasonal and sustainable catering services in Sydney. Our menu’s are designed alongside our ‘Sustainable Food’ and ‘Healthy Living’ frameworks, which you can read more about in our ever growing blog page!

Sustainable & Healthy Catering

Enjoy fresh, artisan style food with a variety of seasonal choices. Our food is made fresh each morning from producers that love growing the food as much as we love eating it.


Transform Lunchboxes

Designed to connect your routine with your health and the environment we transformed our lunchbox service to include breakfasts, snacks, drinks and mains and now have three categories which will help you shape your week according to your health goals.

We have handpicked our favourite produces, make everything in-house fresh and prepare the foods in ways that maximise nutrient availability. Get real food from people who care into your routine.






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