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Transform Kitchen offers seasonal, fresh catering services in Sydney that is purpose designed to inspire innovation and increase performance. Our food brings people together without sacrificing on the individuals preference for a healthy alternative within a busy schedule or routine.

We are the only dietitan, personal trainer and cook founded health Sydney catering company designed to energise you to achieve a successful work-life balance. Our food is as nutritionally balanced as it is tantalisingly delicious.


For too long, pizza and sandwiches have been the corporate go-to for a catered meal but no longer. With our gourmet catering in Sydney, you can enjoy fresh, artisan style meals and menus with a diverse array of seasonal choices and conveniently delivered to you.

Whether you are looking for catering for corporate or special events, or you want to have lunchboxes delivered daily so you eat healthier and improve productivity, Transform Kitchen has the solution, delivering fresh, tasty meals across Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs.

Get the healthy choice and start to broaden your palate today as you learn that healthy equals tasty. Transform Kitchen’s caterers will give you exquisite, healthy food catering in Sydney which you will relish every time.


With our Sydney catering, you will never have an excuse to feel less than satisfied, inspired and performing at your best. All of our meals and catering menus are designed to be extraordinarily delicious and scientifically ideal for you and your health goals. Studies have shown that nutritionally-balanced food translates into higher work performance and a healthier workforce.

Do you have special requests? Our chef is happy to respond and tailor our menus to your unique needs with artisan meals that are sure to please all of your guests. Transform Kitchen is your best choice for delightful, healthful meals delivered to your workplace, home or next catered event! Order or enquire today.




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