Dietetics Consultation + Tailored Nutritional Plan
    DAA approved dietitian, Kiah works with dietary requirements and eating disorders
    Gift Voucher Initial Consult + Fitness Assessment + Nutritional Plan
    2-hour consultation – fully customised, movement specific training and nutrition plans.
    PT Start Me Up – $75 per session (12% off)
    Our unique package with everything you need for results.
    PT Start Me Up + Lunch Upgrade – $11% off
    Initial Consultation, Matrix Screening, 2 PT Sessions p/w, Muscle T, Food Journal + 5 lunches…
    PT Start Me Up Accelerator – $70 per session (18% off)
    Comprehensive – 3 PT p/w, Initial consult, Tee, Food Journal = results
    PT Start Me Up Accelerator 4 week program (Includes lunch boxes)
    Comprehensive – 5 lunch p/w 3 PT p/w, Initial consult, Tee, Food Journal = results
    Transform Food Journal
    Key to understanding your own eating patterns and modifying habits for long term health and wellbeing.
    Transform Muscle T
    some are born sexy, some wear sexy… the common denominator
    Transform Run – 8 week run club – City 2 Surf Training – Starts 19th June
    630pm Wednesday evening, Bondi on Saturday morning from 630am + breakfast from TK