Why health is so important to us

Health is happiness. Health is confidence in knowing who you are and where you are going. Health is not limited to a size or amount of indentations across someones stomach. Health is a routine of success.

Health is the ability to be knocked back and get back up, time and again. Its our greatest asset. Your health affects you, your family and those around you. Health is important to us because we want to do something progressive that helps everyone and everything.

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Project Consultancy

We consult, working in partnership with businesses and government to develop health-focused initiatives and spaces that deliver return to investors and shareholders whilst contributing to the community maximising sustainable practices. Having built successful businesses in personal training, healthy & sustainable catering, cafe as well as a full service health club, Jordan works with business owners and boards alike to improve outcomes for both community and business.

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Corporate Nutrition Seminars Sydney

Personal Training

Clients engaging in one-on-one personal training are encouraged to undertake an initial consultation to discuss goals, set nutrition and exercise planning, evaluate their current fitness and mobility and set routine strategies. Training will commence following the initial consult.

Private coaching is also available in the form of a monthly check-in and strategy session for 90 minutes. Review your diet, training, movement patterns and adjust your course. This is for those that want to cultivate health through incremental lifestyle adjustments and are happy training by themselves or with another PT.

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Corporate Fitness Challenges Sydney

Corporate Health

Transform Health provides strength and conditioning sessions for corporate teams. We focus on postural strength and mobility as well as cardiovascular fitness. We benchmark individuals in strength, mobility and fitness so that both the individual and group can see improvements.

We also offer wellness packages for corporations which include fitness sessions, health and nutrition seminars, individual health screens, weekly wellness collateral, de-identified health statistics for human resource departments.

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