Transform your workplace team lunch with your very own private kitchen experience. Complimentary of Transform Kitchen.


Our goal is to make a work a healthy part of your routine. As professionals we know planning and preparing healthy food for the working week often fall by the wayside, so we would like to offer your team a complimentary tailored Transform Lunchtime experience.

  1. Sign up now by filling in your business details in for form below
  2. Elliot or Jordan will give you a call to arrange a time to sit down and design the perfect delicious, nourishing, and dietitian approved menu for you and your entire office
  3. Choose a day you would like to host the Transform Lunchtime catering
  4. We prepare and deliver the lunch you have designed to your office, for your work team to enjoy!

You and your colleagues will experience a delicious artisan style meal that will leave you feeling energised, motivated and performing better.

Nourishing performance and a healthy company culture

Transform Lunchtime is a lunchtime food delivery service providing nutritionally balanced meals aligned with your long-term company aspirations.

Our team of personal trainers, cooks, and dieticians collaboratively and purposely design menu’s for your daily workplace lunch. Providing creative and delicious nourishment designed to improve energy and achieve optimal performance, we tailor our menu’s to your needs.

Transform Lunchtime improves workplace productivity by eliminating the post lunch slump. Cultivating stronger workplace relationships by bringing your team together over healthy food we also provide training and food plans to match the good work you’re doing at work.


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