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Our Perfect Day

It’s about now that 80% of us forget about the hopes and dreams that we put into motion with our new year’s resolutions. We wanted to take a second to remind you how amazing life in Sydney can be with a considered and proactive routine. Your Week Of Excellence – a perfect week in the life of… Read more

Healthy Living Framework – An Introduction

If I could short the state of your health over 5 years, I would! Chances are it would be incredibly profitable. The majority of us will be fatter, more stressed and less able to deal with our chosen lifestyle. I hope I am wrong, but keeping up with the Kardasian’s is the new norm and with… Read more

The Road Not Taken Is Not The Road To Take

What should we eat?   Now more than ever, why we choose to eat the food we do has a big impact on our health, and the health of the environment we depend on to produce it. More and more we are using our values on food to define who we are, and of course,… Read more

Join the team – BDM & Marketing

Business Development Manager Transform Kitchen Transform Health ABOUT US Located on the iconic Oxford Street in Darlinghurst, Transform Health is ideally situated to improve people’s health both within the immediate community in Darlinghurst and within corporate professionals with Central Sydney. Our mission is to improve lifestyle performance, workplace culture and happiness in routines. We are... Read more

Catering Menu 2017

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Barista and Café Manager Wanted!

Transform Health is seeking a confident and experienced partitime barista and café manager with a passion for health, food and delicious coffee to join our team. This position is for someone wanting to contribute to a growing company, operate with the support of a team but be autonomous. The candidate will be the face and… Read more

2017 New Catering Menu

At the end of last year, Jordan and Elliot did a work retreat to Palmy for the weekend to discuss what was happening with the business.   The team had doubled the catering business and training growth was close by. After a quick google of ‘work retreat agendas’ and discussions with some of our amazing… Read more


WHY YOU’RE NOT IN SHAPE AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT  Jordan Ponder 12 Sep, 2016 As a personal trainer I get insight into many human behaviours. Early Wednesday can be spent with a stressed out mid-level manager of an SME who is having a crisis of identity, didn’t sleep, and was late to training…. Read more

The ultimate arm workout – Russh

The ultimate arm workout from Jordan Ponder of Transform Health WORDS Jordan Ponder For many, arms are an area that dictate professional, workout and social wardrobes. As a highly visible area, it’s one that readily affects confidence levels. While our bodies are all so similar in function, each reacts so differently to exercise, food… Read more

Russh – Home Grown, Phoebe Tonkin

AT LARGE / HOMEGROWN WORDS SABRINA SANTIAGO    PHOTOS MATTHEW SPROUT With her super natural beauty and laidback vibes, it comes as no surprise that Free People enlisted Phoebe Tonkin to be the face of a new collection inspired by Australia. In this RUSSH exclusive, the Sydney-raised actor gives us insight into a few of her… Read more