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Welcome to the Club!

It seems being healthy and happy is getting harder. Our little club is a way of committing to yourself and those you love. Its not a big deal just a little alpha beta omega pledge to live consciously.

Your health affects you, your family and those around you. Join for $2 which we give straight to Batyr. They thank you for pointing out the elephant in the room!

Join for $2

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Our club is a little way of saying ‘I will’ to:

make time to find beautiful local ingredients

take unnecessary things out of my schedule to make time to be me

make time to read books and articles that add value to me as a person

make time to rest

empower myself to say no more often

not compare myself against others, but focus on what makes me me

What you get:

5% discount coupon on all purchases be it lunchboxes, catering, the deli (reopens next year), personal training, guest presents dinners and much much more.

Grovey tote bag so you have something present to remind you of your pledge to yourself and the environment

A pdf of our ‘Concientous lifestyle – Healthy attitudes for health’ checklist and our ‘Sustainable Living Framework’

Monthly Book Club Invitation

Quarterly dinner + 1 invite

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Why we are doing this

Els and Jordan have worked stupid (literally dumb-dumb) hard for the better part of a decade. The business has grown in many different ways. The learning curves have been steep, joyful and sometimes felt like a kick in the nuts.

What we’ve realised through these trials and tribulations, successes and failures is that no matter how great work is going, how much money you have in your pocket, WHY we do what we choose to do matters more than what, and HOW we do it whilst doing life outside of our capital driven drive to be successful is what counts.

Our goal is to build a movement that finds beauty in simplicity, that can remind themselves and others that work-stress doesn’t really matter as much as we lead ourselves to believe and finally, we want a movement of people that want a healthier mind, body and planet.

We hope you’ll join us for a dinner party, a drink or five in the rooftop vegie garden, a book club, cooking lesson or for your morning coffee in the cafe.

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