Is stretching as important as exercise?

YES! Stretching is important as it helps keep muscles healthy, strong and flexible. Flexibility supports proper range of movement in the joints and without it muscles can become shortened and tight. This means that when you call on those muscles to run or jump or bend they are unable to extend all the way, which… Read more

What is adrenal fatigue?

Do you feel like you are constantly running on adrenaline? Feeling ‘on’, anxious and in go-go-go mode to the point that if you stop you might just fall in a heap?! This unease could be a sign that you are suffering from adrenal fatigue. What is adrenal fatigue? Adrenal fatigue is a condition where your… Read more

Why we eat more in winter

In summer it seems so easy to eat, fresh, healthy foods right? With skin on show and warm summer outdoor nights – we naturally crave fresh salads, tropical fruits, grilled seafood and drink way more water! But summer must come to an end (every year) and often those healthy eating habits are replaced with heavy… Read more

How does exercise improve your mood?

We all know exercise is good because it gives you those feel good endorphins right? But what does that actually mean?? Exercise helps to promote good mental health by promoting changes in the brain including neural growth, reducing inflammation and supporting new patterns of activity that promote feelings of calm and wellbeing. Exercise also helps… Read more

Barista and Café Manager Wanted!

Transform Health is seeking a confident and experienced partitime barista and café manager with a passion for health, food and delicious coffee to join our team. This position is for someone wanting to contribute to a growing company, operate with the support of a team but be autonomous. The candidate will be the face and… Read more

Reasons you are tired all the time

Feeling unrefreshed and groggy after a disturbed night of sleep is totally normal. However if you are feeling like this every morning there is definitely something going on. Read our tips below on why you may be feeling zonked all the time and how to fix it! Exercising too much We all know how important… Read more

Common workout excuses and how to tackle them

Committing to a regular workout routine can be really challenging. It’s often hard to find time to get to the gym or we lose motivation along the way. And lets be honest we rarely have a valid excuse. Time. If only we had more, right? Having no time seems to be by far the biggest… Read more

Top workouts for physical and mental wellbeing

Exercise is not just about keeping your body in shape; working out is also a great way to ensure optimal mental health and wellbeing. Exercise has long been recommended as a treatment option for people with depression and other mental health disorders. Studies have shown that regular moderate exercise may boost mental wellbeing through increased… Read more

Are you addicted to being busy?

Being busy has somehow become a 21st century status symbol and a badge of honour. There is a  notion that you are only important and hardworking if you are extremely busy ALL THE TIME. Recent studies out of Columbia, Georgetown and Harvard universities say that ‘busyness’ is replacing conspicuous consumption as a public marker for… Read more

The best post-workout snacks

Post exercise your body is ready and waiting to absorb nutrients from a wholesome snack. Choosing the right foods after working out can have a huge impact on your short-term recovery and long-term goals. Here are our tips for selecting the best foods to build lean muscle and support your fitness goals. Protein We all… Read more