Who We Are

We are a team of passionate health professionals intent on changing lives by improving individual, family and workplace health and quality of life.

Transform assists in embedding habitual health in the routines of individuals and organisations. Through dietetics, food delivery, and strength and conditioning, we provide education, accountability and outcomes founded in expert knowledge.

Transform Health provides personal and private group training for individuals and organisations.

Transform Dietetics provides dietetic consults, health screens and seminars to individuals and work teams.

Transform Kitchen provides a healthy food delivery service to individuals and businesses.

Transform Executive provides wellness packages including nutritional and exercise advice, health screens, fitness training, cooking demonstrations, corporate fitness challenges and ongoing support.

Our Team

Our personal trainers, cooks and dieticians are keen to make their mark by helping everyday people perform, look and feel better. We see health as habitual, a result of small choices balancing physical exercise, mental stimulation and management as well as the digestion and assimilation of nutrients from whole foods.

Jordan Ponder

Founder, BA, Cert III & IV Fitness, FMS Certified, Boxfit Trainer, Master Trainer AIF

Coaching for almost a decade, Jordan’s experience across sports, personality types, and fitness levels has led him to work with some of Australia’s most recognisable bodies, industry-leading companies and brightest minds.

Elliot Stephens

Transform Kitchen co-founder, BISS, MSust

Elliot has been working in food start ups since he finished his Masters of Sustainability. Co-founding Transform Kitchen, Elliot looks after the supply chain, logistics and prepartion of food.

Kiah Witney-Cochrane

DAA Approved Dietitian, BSci, MNutrDiet

Kiah brings clinical expertise to the team. Ensuring our food and recommendations are founded in peer-reviewed studies, Kiah consults with individuals, gives talks and oversees health screens within corporations.


Mathew Van Layen

Sous Chef & Operations

Mathew has a varied and incredible skill base. Learning from the best at Aria and Noma, he then moved to owning his own foraging business. Mathew brings a commitment to his craft that is second to none.
Loving health and training his change from fine dining and late nights to producing healthy everyday food was is rooted in being able to lead by example.


Lucy Beaumont

Clinical Nutritionist, Pilates and Yoga Instructor

Lucy brings a wealth of clinical experience as our nutritionist and a great expertise in women’s well-being from her Pilates background. Focusing on Pilates, Lucy’s training is an effective mix of core work and isolated muscle activation. Her nutrition consultations are detailed, thorough and caring.


Chloe Moo
Cafe & Operations

Chloe has grown with the business. Starting as a client, she was always keen to lend a hand at our market stalls and then with our catering business growth. Now she heads up operations across business functions, focusing on the growth of our new cafe.


Diago Gonzalez

Logistics Assistant

Diago assists the business through kitchen prep and deliveries. You may catch a glimpse of him winding through traffic and running into building throughout the city. His work ethic and ability to juggle on short notice is a massive skill.

How It All Began

In the 1800’s Sydney’s Wentworth area West of the city was developed from an estuary of small streams and mangroves into abattoirs, tanneries and boiling down works. Roughly 200 years later the swamp has been transformed. Wentworth Park is comprised of green grassy ovals full of Europeans playing soccer on the weekends, play-parks with children screaming in delight as they run from nanny’s, a monstrosity of a dog racing stadium in the middle and an elevated train track that runs from the inner west into darling harbor and the city….

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Our Philosophy

Health is happiness. Health is confidence in knowing who you are and where you are going. Health is not limited to a size or amount of indentations across someones stomach. Health is a routine of success.

Health is the ability to be knocked back and get back up, time and again. Its our greatest asset. Your health affects you, your family and those around you. Health is important to us because we want to do something progressive that helps everyone and everything.