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Team lunches


Family culture – Bring the team together for 20 minutes a day to serve up and eat freshly prepared food like a family. They’ll appreciate it, you will reduce time out of office, everyone will look forward to their daily dose and feel cared for.
Individual health – Dont eat, rely on coffee, watch those adrenals burn and over eat at night. Over eat on empty calories with the classic focaccia and feel the dreaded 3pm slumber. We know that what we eat helps us feel and perform better, we dont need an over funded, under fed scientist to tell us this…. But if we did read this.
Your bottom line – from $13 pp and up to 49% back tax deduction.


If Nona’s name was Elliot, and your office was in the northern Italian country side things would slow down for 20 minutes for this all-important time to reboot as an individual and regroup as a team – lunchtime!
A large, lightly stained wooden table set up with seasonal and freshly cooked foods fit for those you love. Smells of slow cooked meats, rosemary, earthy roast vegetable salads and fresh breads would waft through the office and a gentle, warm breeze coming through the back door would be stirring the indoor plants. 
As your tummy rumbles, your freshly made, artisan lunch has been delivered. Made fresh this morning, your food is what it should be, all natural, all fresh, fit for your family and colleagues. 


Seasonal ingredients keep both yours and our costs down, taste better and ensure higher nutrient availability. We use reusable or recyclable containers and work with local suppliers.

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