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We understand transformation as profound change that transcends reactive quick fixes & addresses the root causes of a challenge. A lifestyle that consciously practices habitual health includes strategy for rest, training, nutrition & education.

Transform your health and empower those around you

Can’t bear to think about dinner at the end of the day?

Exhausted at the end of a long day? That’s normal. Tune into our blog or come to training and learn how we encourage clients to plan for fatigue and still eat for results. Failing to plan is planning to fail. We use recipes of the week, food plans, monthly food checks, and an amazing chef to ensure our clients are giving themselves the best opportunity to eat for results.

Time and energy an issue?

With more hours spent in the workplace then ever before, we know it’s hard to find the energy to get up and go for a run. So let us work around your schedule to tailor a program that combines general fitness and postural and functional strength to ensure that your mind and body are sharp and strong. We get you ready for the important things in life.


Paleo? 5:2? Raw vegan? Don’t know what to try this week?

With a little backing and some marketing knowledge it seems everyone has come up with a new diet that promises the world but delivers diminished hope. We emphasize education as a means of empowering you to make change. Our online and in-session education with our expert trainers is key to making a change within you and your family.


TransformKITCHEN is the inspiration behind maintaining a delicious and balanced diet. We show you what to do and how to do it right!

About Us

At Transform we take your health personally. Our vision is to create a community of healthy, enthused and educated individuals that model their health to those around them.
Join us!


    To be healthy is to enjoy the day to day processes of food, exercise, routine and socialising. Transform is about habitual health. Ensuring our help fits with your lifestyle.

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    Education is Key

    At Transform we believe that to transform the body we have to transform the mind through understanding. We don‘t believe in bootcamp style training but education, control and then intensity.

  • Consistency and Motivation

    We love what we do! As a team we practice what we preach. For us it isn‘t about running marathons or setting a PB on the bench press, it‘s about enjoying what you choose to do and doing it as much as you can.


    We understand that health is more than push ups and green smoothies, so we work hard to provide you with a well rounded experience and routine.

What others say about us

Jessica Gomes

“From Dancing With The Stars, to covers of Sports Illustrated, to Charity Work, Im always flat out. Being based in LA and Melbourne, I’m only ever in Sydney for contract work. Even if I’m only here for two days, I love to wake up and train with Jordan. Since I’ve trimmed down I’ve been able to change my direction from a swimsuits – Sports Illustrated cover girl to more high end fashion (David Jones), this has definitely been a progressive move for my career, and highlights the importance i place on training with Jordan.”

Jessica GomesAustralian Super Model
Annabella Barber

“I’ve invested years into my body, reading books, having the best trainers, and doing nutrition courses. Transform Nutrition with Jordo and his team is invaluable to empowering women to help themselves and not rely on others for quick fixes.”

Annabella BarberNew Zealand Model
Dominique Cincotta

I’m 28, I work full time at Channel 7 and enjoy going out on weekends. Training with Jordan has allowed me to understand how the little things shape my body day to day. His sessions are extremely enjoyable and I always look forward to training and learning from him.

Dominique Cincotta 28, Professional at Channel 7
Joanna Harris

I’m a mum with a young daughter and son. I worry how image conscious the world they are being brought up in is. This has made me realise how important communicating a healthy understanding of food and lifestyle is.

Joanna Harris 35, Mother of two, Professional at Vodafone

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0409 713 959
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